2017 Mongolia 1-oz Silver Ichthyosaur Antique Finish

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A Great Option for Dinosaur Enthusiasts!

Over 100 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth. While most people think of them as massive reptiles bearing little resemblance to modern animals, this was not the case with all of them. To the contrary, some dinosaurs were very similar to animals that are around today. This may be due either to convergent evolution or just similar environments leading to the development of similar traits. Whatever the case may be, the ichthyosaur closely resembled modern day dolphins. This ichthyosaur coin features a design of a fossil of the ancient, extinct creature.

  • THIRD COIN IN THE EVOLUTION OF LIFE SERIES – This 2017 Ichthyosaur follows the Ammonite and the Trilobite, its predecessors in this popular series.
  • FITTING ANTIQUE FINISH – With a series that bears fossil designs, what is more appropriate than an antique finish? Each 2017 Silver Ichthyosaur was struck from 1-oz of 99.9% fine silver at the Mayer Mint in Germany.
  • MONGOLIA LEGAL TENDER – Every 2017 Silver Ichthyosaur has a face value of 500 torpor, the currency of Mongolia. Mongolia is a large Asian nation situated between China and Russia. It is known for its skilled horsemen.
  • FINE DETAIL WITH SMARTMINTING – The Mayer Mint employed smartminting© technology to manufacture this coin in high relief. The technology serves to bring out details that could otherwise be missed with standard minting technology.
  • A LIMITED MINTAGE – In spite of the popularity of this series, only 999 pieces were issued in this mintage.

From archaeological digs to popular books and movies like Jurassic Park, dinosaurs have captured the imaginations of people young and old for centuries. This Antiqued Silver Ichthyosaur gives collectors the chance to combine their interests I dinosaurs with their interests in coins. Best of all, the design is not a fantastic rendering of a fossil but a realistic one that has been reviewed by scientists for accuracy. Now, you can own a coin in a popular series that remembers these captivating creatures. Order now, though, because the public availability of these coins will soon be extinct, just like the dinosaur on them!

Year of Issue 2017
Country Mongolia
Composition Silver
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
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