2017 Niue 2 Dollar 1-oz Silver Megalodon Proof

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It's a Bad Week to Be a Seal . . .

. . . or fish, or plankton, or just about anything that moves in the ocean. But, if you're a shark -- or a fan of all things aquatic -- then it's the best week of the year! Since 1988, Discovery has made "Shark Week" an annual summertime event. 2017's "Shark Week" is wowing audiences around the globe with gold-medal races and heart-stopping chases. So, on the cusp of this phenomenon's 30th anniversary, it's only natural that 2017's official "Shark Week" coin turns back the clock to one of the Discovery's most ancient stars -- the Megalodon Shark! Get ready to sink your teeth into one ounce of savage silver!

  • A PREHISTORIC PREDATOR COMES TO LIFE -- Roaming the oceans 3 to 16 million years ago, the Megalodon Shark was the largest predator in vertebrate history. Today, this 2017 coin stunningly depicts this prehistoric shark with mouth wide open, ready to devour anything in its path. To the left of its mouth, a diagram showing the Megalodon's jaws in proportion to an average human drives home the massive size of this ancient shark. Add in a rim of razor sharp teeth and you have one fearsome design!
  • A PREMIUM PROOF FINISH -- Each Megalodon coin begins as a hand-selected one-ounce planchet of 99.9% pure silver. Then, using polished dies and multiple strikes, each coin is expertly minted to showcase beautiful mirrored fields and sharp, frosted details.
  • LEGAL TENDER FIT FOR A QUEEN -- Each Silver Megalodon Proof is two dollars legal tender for the island country of Niue, reflected on the obverse along with Ian Rank-Broadley's profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
  • AN OFFICIAL DISCOVERY SHARK WEEK RELEASE -- This 2017 1-oz Silver Megalodon Proof is the real deal, arriving to you in a box along with a numbered certificate of authenticity.
  • A VERY LIMITED MINTAGE! -- Only 1,000 of these proofs will be struck -- an extremely low number considering the millions of "Shark Week" fans around the world!

Don't let another summer pass without bringing a piece of "jaw-some" action to your collection. Order your 2017 Niue 1-oz Silver "Shark Week" Megalodon Proof today!

Year of Issue 2017
Country Niue
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Proof
Denomination 2.00
Currency Type Dollar
Coin Weight 31.10 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 38.6mm
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