2017 Niue 2 Dollar 1-oz Silver Waving American Flag Proof

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A Gorgeous and Remarkable Tribute to the Stars and Stripes!

"Resolved, That the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation." -- The Flag Act of 1777, Second Continental Congress

For the thirteen American colonies in the throes of revolution, it was clear from the beginning that they needed to unite for survival. If these patriots did not "hang together," as Ben Franklin warned, "most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." And while a flag's design is probably not the first thing on any country's agenda in the middle of a war, the establishment of the official flag of the United States of America on June 14, 1777 was a key moment in creating our young country's identity. With thirteen stripes and thirteen stars, a visual reminder was created -- a way to remember the ideals of coming together under a single purpose: to be free of persecution and to realize the "unalienable rights" of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

In the more than two centuries since, the United States has seen its shares of incredible prosperity and horrific catastrophe, joyous victory and sobering defeat, moments of seemingly insurmountable division and times of unbelievable strength. And, throughout it all, "the flag was still there." And, much like our country, the face of that flag has evolved as well. Since July 4, 1960, the official flag has featured 50 stars, one for each state, on a field of blue, surrounded by 13 symbolic horizontal stripes. For nearly 60 years, this has been our symbol of hope, optimism and liberty for today as well as generations to come. Now, you can bring a stunning and distinctive vision of "The Star Spangled Banner" home to your collection -- introducing the 2017 One-Ounce Silver Waving American Flag Proof!

  • WAVES OF . . . SILVER?-- This coin recreates the most current version of the United States flag in vivid, gorgeous color. But look closely and you'll see ripples and shadows -- a beautiful visual illusion that gives the appearance of a flag waving with the wind!
  • ONE OUNCE OF 99.9% FINE SILVER-- Each 2017 Waving American Flag Proof starts as a hand-selected one-ounce planchet of 99.9% fine silver. Then, through the use of polished dies, each coin is struck multiple times to produce frosted details that hover over mirror-like surfaces. Finally, a thin protective coating is applied to preserve both the coin's unique color and sharp details.
  • A SURPRISE GUEST!-- Since this proof is two dollars legal tender for the island nation of Niue, a fact minted on the coin's obverse, this coin features a familiar image. That's right -- this Waving American Flag Proof features Ian Rank-Broadley's profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II! While this might seem ironic at first, consider it a reflection of how our relationship has evolved with England over the past 240 years -- from a bitter enemy to a loyal ally and strategic partner.
  • PATRIOTIC PACKAGING-- Each coin comes sealed in a die-cut card with facts about both the American flag and your proof along with stunning color imagery.
  • A LIMITED RELEASE! -- Only 1,960 of these 2017 Waving American Flag Proofs were struck -- the exact same number as the year the flag's most recent version was released.

Whether it's to add a piece of passionate patriotism to your collection or to give as a thoughtful gift, this stunning proof is a perfect way to honor the united strength of the United States in times of both adversity and peace. Don't miss your opportunity -- secure yours today!

Year of Issue 2017
Country Niue
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Uncirculated
Denomination 2.00
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name New Zealand Mint
Coin Weight 31.1 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 40.6mm
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