2017 Niue 2 Dollar 2-oz Silver Falcon of Tutankhamun Proof

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A Multi-Colored Design that Brings Ancient Egyptian Artistry to Life -- in 99.9% Pure Silver!

This 2 oz. Silver Falcon of Tutankhamun has so many appealing characteristics that it is hard to imagine any collector not falling in love with it. The coin captures the history and culture of Ancient Egypt, which are drawn together by the fact that the famed pharaoh was also thought to be a god, specifically Horus, the god of the sky and kingship. The falcon image on this coin was taken from necklaces and pectorals found in the historic ruler’s tomb. The three see through ambers are visible on both faces, and the largest is situated such that Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is lower on the obverse than it is on most other coins. The rim of the obverse is intricately adorned, and several inscriptions provide essential information for collectors.

  • Full-Color Image of the Falcon of Tutankhamun – Believed in ancient Egypt to ward off evil forces and natural disasters.
  • Two Troy Ounces of 99.9% Fine Silver – A beautiful way to restore ancient history!
  • See Through Ambers – Tears of the sun that symbolize immortality and rebirth.
  • Two Dollars Legal Tender for the Island Nation of Niue – Struck at the New Zealand Mint, one of the best respected manufacturers in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Limited Mintage – This piece is one of just 999 that will ever be minted!
  • Display Frame Box – Perfect for showing off this eye-catching piece!

Ancient Egypt has long captured the imagination of explorers, historians, and others who are continually fascinated with one of the birthplaces of civilization. Today, the New Zealand Mint brings a small piece of the ancient power to life with this stunning coin. The vibrant colors that are integrated into the image, including the see through ambers, make for artistry that stands in a category by itself, while the symbolism offers a fascinating look into ancient beliefs. The layers of intrigue that this coin has to offer are virtually unlimited, but the same cannot be said of its mintage. Order yours before all of the 999 pieces go the way of the Ancient Egyptians!

Year of Issue 2017
Country Niue
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Proof
Denomination 2.00
Currency Type Dollar
Coin Weight 62.2 Grams - g
Weight 2 Ounces - oz
Dimensions 50mm
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