2018 1-oz Silver Somalia Elephant Christmas with Snow Globe

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Bring the Christmas Spirit to Your Collection

One of the most popular home decorations used during the Christmas season is the snow globe. Snow globes typically show beautiful scenery and, when turned, show that scenery with stunning snowfall. Now, the Bavarian State Mint has provided a way for collectors to enjoy that popular item with a Christmas take on the popular Somali Elephant coin. It is the perfect way for any collector, be they Grinches or champions of the Christmas spirit, to warm their hearts with a popular unique take with their favorite hobby.

The coin itself shows an elephant just like the one on the 2018 bullion version of the Somali Elephant. This colorized coin, though, includes a Santa cap on the elephant and a Christmas tree that is decorated with colorful bulbs on the right. Snow, the precipitation that the elephant would likely never see, falls, adding to the wintery atmosphere. The coin is set in a beautiful snow globe that includes the words “Merry Christmas” and warms the heart by pouring snow over the cheery piece.

  • STUNNING CHRISTMAS PIECE – Collectors and non-collectors alike are sure to love this unlikely holiday scene, complete with a favorite animal wearing the hat of the jolly old elf.
  • AN EXCEPTIONAL STANDARD OF PURITY – Somalia Elephant was struck at the Bavarian State Mint from 1-oz of 99.99% silver, which matches the highest standards of annual bullion issues throughout the world.
  • SOMALIA LEGAL TENDER – Each 2018 Somalia Silver Elephant is 100 shillings legal tender in the Somalia Republic. Somalia is home to some of the greatest diversity of climates around the world. That is why over 700 species of birds and over 200 species of reptiles, along with countless other animals, can be found there.
  • VIBRANT COLORS – While the bullion version of the Somalia Elephant features a beautiful artistic scene that is likely to appeal to traditional collectors, this more festive coin could bring a smile to anyone’s face. The elephant itself is grey, its natural color, but the blue sky, red hat, and decorated green tree bring life and joy to the piece.
  • A LIMITED MINTAGE – The Bavarian State Mint is issuing just a limited number of these beautiful pieces.

Traditional coin collectors are often drawn to artistic beauty and elegance. Some also admire the ability of modern minting technology to bring images to life. This can make it difficult to share their appreciation of coin collecting with those who don’t have an eye for such things. This 2018 Somalia Silver Elephant in a snow globe, though, gives such collectors the chance to share their favorite hobby, as well as the Christmas spirit, with friends and family who may otherwise not appreciate it. It’s also simply a great piece for bringing smiles to the faces of anyone who gets to hold it and watch the snow fall around a bright design. Order yours now because this beautiful piece won’t be around for long!

Year of Issue 2018
Country Somalia
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9999
Condition Uncirculated
Denomination 10.00
Currency Type Shilling
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
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