2018 Chad 5000 Franc 1-oz Silver African Lion BU

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Make the "King of Beasts" King of Your Collection!

The image is unmistakable. Framed by a lush mane, a feline face that radiates wisdom, authority and, if provoked, unimaginable fury. The lion, also known as panthera leo, has captured the imaginations of civilizations for millennia. Stories of their ferocity and fearsome nature have been told for generations. However, the more we know about these fascinating animals, the more we've discovered their beauty and vulnerability. Adorable as cubs and majestic as adults, the lions of the African savanna still attract tourists and transfix millions around the globe today.

It's these same animals that serve as the namesake of the popular African Lion bullion coin. Struck since 2015, this beautiful series has been shared by several African countries, each year showcasing a new reverse design. For 2018, the Republic of Chad is issuing this beloved coin for the second year in a row. With a reverse by acclaimed pencil artist Casey "Remrov" Vormer, this 2018 One-Ounce Silver African Lion is among the most stunning yet!

  • BORN IN GRAPHITE, IMMORTALIZED IN SILVER! -- Known as "Remrov," Montreal-based Casey Vormer's lifelike illustrations have received international acclaim for their phenomenal detail. As an autistic savant, Remrov's sharp focus and uncanny ability to capture even the minutest elements of an image are beyond remarkable. This 2018 One-Ounce Silver African Lion bullion coin faithfully recreates his masterpiece "Lion King."


  • EXPERTLY STRUCK IN 99.9% FINE SILVER -- These exceptional coins begin as one-ounce planchets of 99.9% fine silver, each struck with precision to create bullion with smooth fields and distinctly detailed line work.


  • CHAD LEGAL TENDER -- Issued by the Republic of Chad, each 2018 One-Ounce Silver African Lion bullion coin is 5,000 Central Africa CFA francs legal tender, as seen on the coin's obverse along with a map of Africa that features Chad's shape and placement in the continent


  • BEAUTIFUL BU CONDITION -- Your coin will arrive to you in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition, secured in a vinyl flip along with a certificate of authenticity.


  • A LIMITED MINTAGE EVENT! -- This 2018 series will be limited to a run of only 50,000 bullion coins -- a tight run for a fan favorite!

These gorgeous coins have been attracting collectors, silver stackers and lion fanatics for years. Whether you're new to the series or have collected them since the beginning, these 2018 African Lions make perfect collection additions as well as excellent gifts. Don't wait for this pack to roam out of sight -- pounce on these stunning silver coins today!

Year of Issue 2018
Country Chad
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Grade BU
Denomination 5000.00
Currency Type Francs CFA
Coin Weight 31.10 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 38.1mm