2018 Great Britain £2 1-oz Silver Oriental Britannia NGC PF69UC

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Rooted in Asian History, a British Silver Icon Sports a Spectacular New Style!

While the warrior queen “Britannia” has graced British coins of the realm for centuries, investors in the Empire’s Far East colonies of Hong Kong and Singapore first saw her on the British Trade Dollar in 1895. From that moment on, the regal and assertive Britannia became a familiar sight for merchants in China and throughout Asia. From the 90% fine silver dollars of the 19th century to the highly pure bullion of the 21st century, the heritage of trade between these two corners of the world continues – with Britannia's flowing robe, outstretched trident and Union Jack shield still featured on British silver coins exchanged today.

Now, to commemorate both the symbolic history of Britannia in Asian commerce as well as the vital role her namesake coin serves there today, the British Royal Mint has introduced a brand new one-ounce Silver Britannia Proof Coin for 2018, featuring a gorgeous border inspired by the artistic patterns of East Asia! Each one-ounce coin features the award-winning 1987 Britannia design surrounded by an ornate Oriental border that was inspired by the Chinese-themed rooms at Buckingham Palace and the Royal Pavilions in Brighton. The portrait of her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II on the coin’s obverse has also been enhanced with a new guilloche background. In addition, your 2018 Great Britain Britannia Oriental Border One-Ounce Silver Proof was expertly crafted by the mint from hand-selected planchets, polished dies and multiple strikes to produce beautifully frosted details rising over mirror-like fields.

How to describe Britannia? Simply put, she is the female personification of Great Britain. Think how Lady Liberty represents the United States – only Britannia’s been on the job a lot longer! The name was first used by the Romans during their occupation of the British Islands in the 1st Century BC, and was based on their pronunciation of the word the native population used for their lands. She first appeared on bronze coins struck by Emperor Hadrian in the 1st Century AD. Since then, Britannia has become a cultural icon and the personification of British unity and maritime supremacy.

East meets West again on this legal-tender coin as the 2018 Great Britain Britannia Oriental Border One-Ounce Silver Proof continues the tradition of being a popular collector coin with an ever-growing worldwide appeal. Don’t miss out; add one of these coveted proofs to your cart today!

  • AN ENDURING DESIGN… – Philip Nathan's vision of Britannia, the time-honored personification of the British Isles, has been featured on Royal Mint bullion since 1987. Beginning her third decade on the Silver Britannia with this 2018 release, Nathan's creation looks as beautiful as ever! The obverse of your coin features Jody Clark's most recent profile of Queen Elizabeth II. In addition, you'll find the Queen's portrait is set against an elaborately textured guilloche field – a new feature for 2018!
  • …WITH A STUNNING TWIST! – Unlike the Britannia Silver coins of the past twenty years, this coin features an intricate oriental border evocative of designs found in the Chinese-themed rooms at Buckingham Palace and the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. To make room for this new addition, the name of the coin, along with the coin's weight and purity, has been moved closer to Britannia in front of a field rippling with finely engraved waves.
  • EXPERTLY MINTED IN HIGHLY PURE SILVER – Each Britannia Oriental Border Silver Proof is struck in one ounce of 99.9% fine silver by the artisans of the Royal Mint, resulting in coins that exhibit superb details and lustrous finishes.
  • UK LEGAL TENDER – Each 2018 Great Britain Britannia Oriental Border One-Ounce Silver Proof is £2 (two pounds) legal tender in the United Kingdom legal tender, as struck into each coin's obverse.
  • GRADED IN NEAR-PERFECT PROOF CONDITION – Your 2018 Great Britain Britannia Oriental Border One-Ounce Silver Proof has been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as being in near-perfect Proof-69 Ultra Cameo (PF69UC) condition, a distinction that means your almost-flawless coin will showcase an impressive full strike and indistinguishable imperfections – well above and beyond the quality of the vast majority of coins in the series.
  • A LIMITED-MINTAGE EVENT – The Royal Mint will strike only 2,500 of these 2018 One-Ounce Britannia Oriental Border Silver Proofs for collectors worldwide. Once they're gone, they'll be gone for good!

Britannia coins have been a massive hit with collectors both in the United Kingdom and around the world. In addition to their already legendary status with stateside collectors and silver stackers, they have been steadily increasing in popularity among collectors in Asia thus making the battleground for these coins extremely fierce! Whether you're already a fan or know someone who is, this brand new take on an iconic coin is one that no Britannia collection should be without. Don't give yourself the slightest chance for disappointment – bring home this phenomenal Great Britain Britannia Oriental Border One-Ounce Silver Proof today!

Year of Issue 2018
Country Great Britain
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Graded
Grade PF69UCAM
Denomination 2.00
Currency Type Pound
Mint Name The Royal Mint
Coin Weight 31.21 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 38.61mm