2018-P 1 Dollar Silver World War I Centennial Proof

2018-P 1 Dollar Silver World War I Centennial Proof
2018-P 1 Dollar Silver World War I Centennial Proof 2018-P 1 Dollar Silver World War I Centennial Proof 2018-P 1 Dollar Silver World War I Centennial Proof 2018-P 1 Dollar Silver World War I Centennial Proof
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A Lasting, Heartfelt Tribute to the Heroes of "The Great War"

2018 marks a somber centennial in American history. In early 1918, after months of training, the first troops from the United States began to fight alongside the Allied Powers of France, Britain, Russia and Italy in World War I. For the previous four years, the European continent had been engulfed in bloody and brutal mechanized conflict between the Allied Powers and the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey. Horrific trench warfare and the use of poison gases by both sides had already resulted in staggering casualties, and the Allies were running out of resources after years of fighting.

While the United States had tried to broker peace at a distance, the sinking of several merchant ships by German forces spurred America into action. On April 6th, 1917, the United States declared war on Germany, and America started to prepare for war. With the arrival of skilled U.S. troops in 1918, the war decisively turned the way of the Allies, ultimately resulting in the November armistice. Finally, for a while at least, peace returned to the fields of Europe. But not without a grisly toll --116,516 U.S. soldiers gave their lives, joining the over 10 million dead. To honor the bravery of the four million U.S. troops that served a century ago, the United States Mint has created this exceptional World War I Centennial Silver Dollar Proof, featuring designs that capture the brutality of "The Great War" and the sacrifices we still honor today.

  • THE FACE OF BATTLE -- Designed by artist LeRoy Transfield and sculpted by the prolific United States Mint engraver Don Everhart, the obverse of this commemorative proof features the stoic profile of a WWI soldier. Rifle in hand and wreathed by barbed wire, this "Soldier's Charge" design features dual dates of 2018 and 1918.


  • THE POPPIES OF PEACE -- The foreboding barbed wire from the literal heads of this proof continues to its reverse, joined by another Transfield/Everhart design of "Poppies in the Wire." A powerful symbol of sacrifice and remembrance, the poppy was made famous by Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae's 1915 poem "In Flanders Fields." The peaceful beauty of the flower, amidst the death and destruction of war, still symbolizes hope and honor today.


  • IMMORTALIZED IN SILVER -- The craftspeople of the Philadelphia Mint have brought their renowned talents to this masterpiece. Each hand-selected 90% silver planchet is struck multiple times with polished dies to create a coin that exhibits frosted, razor-sharp details that rise from mirror-like fields -- all capped with a signature "P" mint mark.


  • U.S. LEGAL TENDER -- Each 2018 WWI Centennial Silver Proof is one dollar United States of America legal tender, as seen on the coin's reverse.


  • PHENOMENAL PACKAGING -- Your proof will arrive to you in an acrylic capsule, encased in a blue United States Mint clamshell case. In addition, your coin will come with a certificate of authenticity, all inside a blue U.S. Mint shipping box.

For collectors of European history, military history or American history, this symbolic 2018 WWI Centennial Silver Dollar Proof is a reverent reminder of our troops' bravery and selflessness a century ago. Don't miss out on your chance to add this piece to your collection -- bring this stunning proof home today.

Year of Issue 2018
Country United States
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9000
Condition Proof
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name Philadelphia - P, U.S. Mint
Coin Weight 26.73 Grams - g
Dimensions 38.1mm
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