2018 Rwanda 1-oz Silver African Giraffes BU

2018 Rwanda 1-oz Silver African Giraffes BU
2018 Rwanda 1-oz Silver African Giraffes BU 2018 Rwanda 1-oz Silver African Giraffes BU 2018 Rwanda 1-oz Silver African Giraffes BU
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Honoring One of Africa’s Most Beautiful Animals

Ask anyone about their bucket list and it is all but certain that one of the items mentioned will be “Go on safari in Africa.” Africa is home to wildlife that is admired in zoos and other locations throughout the world, inspiring imaginations and tickling the curiosity of children and adults alike for decades. And while much of Africa's wildlife is known for being ferocious, or at least dangerous, giraffes are a notable exception. The tall creatures with long necks and thin legs are known for their beauty and tranquility. It is little wonder that they are such popular attractions at zoos and other showcases of wild animals. Whether you have been on safari, hope to go someday, or simply want to hold a couple of these beautiful creatures in the palm of your hand, this 2018 Silver Giraffe coin is a great opportunity to bring a piece of Africa to your collection.

  • LATEST COIN IN THE “AFRICAN WILDLIFE” SERIES – This 1-oz Silver Giraffe continues the extremely popular African Wildlife series. Each coin in the series is struck from 1-oz of 99.9% fine silver. The series has been issued by multiple African countries, offering a unique diversity within a single series.


  • STUNNING DESIGN WITH TOPOGRAPHIC MAP – The reverse features a pair of giraffes, one adult and one growing, on the African savanna. It also incorporates a unique topographic map of Africa, complete with the mountains and rivers that are home to rich natural resources and abundant wildlife.


  • RWANDA LEGAL TENDER -- Each 2018 1-oz Silver Giraffe coin is 50 RWF francs Rwandan legal tender, as noted at the bottom of the obverse. Located in the Great Lakes region of Africa, Rwanda is known for its remarkable biodiversity, which is made possible in part due to its mountains, lakes and savanna.


  • BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED – Your coin will arrive in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition, meaning that it has been preserved carefully since leaving the mint.


While giraffes have long fascinated animal lovers and casual observes alike throughout the world, some species have been threatened by poachers in recent years. Fortunately, other species are recovering, or even thriving, due to the efforts of conservationists and ranchers. While the fate of these beautiful animals may be uncertain, what is certain is that this coin provides a way for collectors to admire these beautiful animals for years to come. Order your 2018 1-oz Silver African Wildlife Giraffe coin today, because your chance to get one may soon be extinct!

Year of Issue 2018
Country Rwanda
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Uncirculated
Grade BU
Coin Weight 31.10 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
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