2018 South Africa Gold Krugerrand Prestige NGC PF70UCAM FDI Tumi Signed 6pc Set - Black

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South Africa’s 2018 Gold Krugerrand Prestige Proof Sets Are Here!


First struck in 1967, the Krugerrand is more than one of the world's most popular coins – it is a name that carries more than 50 years of artistry, legends and stories. Whether you’re a Krugerrand expert or are just being introduced to this monumental series, now is a great time to make one your very own. This 2018 South Africa Gold Krugerrand Prestige Set is the perfect jumping on point featuring six different Gold Krugerrand Proof weights, including the 1-ounce, 1/2-ounce, 1/4-ounce, 1/10-ounce, 1/20-ounce and 1/50-ounce Gold Krugerrand Proofs.


Just like standard bullion Krugerrands, these Gold Krugerrand Proofs are official South African legal tender struck in 22 karat gold – but unlike the standard Gold Krugerrands, each of these coins has been struck by the famous South African Mint just for those seeking to add this year's Krugerrands to their private collections. Using specially prepared and polished dies, the artists at the South African Mint struck each coin multiple times, resulting in frosty designs that hover over shimmering fields for a level of detail and eye appeal not found in typical circulating coinage.


Every gleaming proof in this set is match-graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as being in flawless Proof-70 Ultra Cameo (PF70UC) condition. What’s more, NGC has also certified that each coin is also a prestigious First Day of Issue (FDI), meaning your coins are the best of the best and among the first coins struck in this year’s entire release!


  • FAMOUS KRUGERRAND DESIGN – South Africa’s famous Gold Krugerrand features the same iconic designs it has since it was introduced in 1967!


  • STRUCK IN NEARLY TWO OUNCES OF FINE GOLD – These six gold Krugerrands – ranging from the 1/50-oz coin all the way up to the large 1-oz beauty – are all struck in an ounce of 91.7% gold. Combined, it’s nearly two ounces of gleaming South African gold!


  • GRADED IN FLAWLESS CONDITION – Each coin in your 2018 South Africa Gold Krugerrand Prestige 6-Pc Set has been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) to be in flawless Proof-70 Ultra Cameo (PF70UC) condition, a distinction that means your perfectly-graded proofs will have ZERO imperfections – showing all features and fields exactly as the engraver and mint intended.


  • IMPORTANT FIRST DAY OF ISSUE CERTIFICATION – The coins in your spectacular 2018 South Africa Gold Krugerrand Prestige 6-Pc Set will also be certified by NGC to be First Day of Issue (FDI) coins, independent authentication that your set was released by the mint during the premier day of the series' issue.


  • LOW LIMITED EDITION – The South African Mint assembled just 800 of these Prestige 6-pc Sets in 2018, a number far too low for all the people in the world who would like to add one to their collection.


Whether you've already made a Gold Krugerrand part of your collection or you've been waiting to make one your own, now is the perfect time to join the party! But don't wait much longer – based on past history these sets will not last long. Get your 2018 South Africa Gold Krugerrand Prestige 6-Pc Set today!

Year of Issue 2018
Country South Africa
Composition Gold
Purity 0.9170
Condition Proof
Grade PF70UCAM
Pedigree First Day Of Issue
Mint Name South Africa Mint
Coin Weight 33.93 Grams - g
Weight 1/50 Ounce - oz, 1/20 Ounce - oz, 1/10 Ounce - oz, 1/4 Ounce - oz, 1/2 Ounce - oz, 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 32.7mm