2018 Tanzania 1500 Shilling 1-gram Gold Big Five Rhino Proof-Like

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A Stunning Look at One of the Dark Continent's Most Remarkable Animals

For anyone who goes on safari in Africa, there are certain things that they want to make it a point to see. Near the top of that list is the rhinoceros, the massive land mammal known for the horns on its head. Some species of rhinos are listed as "critically endangered" by the IUCN Red List, but for now tourists and locals alike continue to admire their massive size. While they appear intimidating, rhinoceroses are generally docile animals, only charging when they fear that they are in danger. This gold note shows closeup views of two of them in their natural habitat on the African savanna.

  • STUNNING RHINOCEROS DESIGN -- This note features a stunning look at two rhinos side by side on the African savanna. The sun in the sky and acacia trees on the plain provide ample context for this stunning scene.


  • THIN, FLEXIBLE DESIGN -- Struck from 1g of 99.99% fine gold, this thin note has remarkable flexibility that would offer variety to any collection.


  • REALISTIC DESIGN IN A PROOF-LIKE FINISH -- The note has a prooflike finish that makes the design appear even more realistic.


  • TANZANIA LEGAL TENDER – Each 2018 Big Game Rhino note is 1500 shillings legal tender in Tanzania. Tanzania is an East African nation that is known for its remarkable wildlife. In particular, it is home to much of the Great Migration, an annual massive movement of animals in search of food.


  • AN EXTREMELY LIMITED MINTAGE – Just 1,500 of these remarkable pieces were minted!


  • INSCRIBED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY – Your Gold Big Game Rhino note will have a Certificate of Authenticity inscribed on the obverse of the note itself.

An African safari is among those few vacations that are on just about every person's bucket list. The sense of adventure, danger, and exploration tickles the imagination of people across the globe. Five of those animals, originally known as the Big Five Game, are considered the most difficult to hunt on foot. Although the term was originally coined by hunters, tour operators have since begun using it as a marketing tool for those who want to see African wildlife. Now, Tanzania's Big Five series gives you the chance to add some of that allure to your collection. Order one of the notes in that series, the 2018 1g Gold Tanzania Rhino, at GovMint.com now, because these notes will be as elusive as the animals depicted on them.

Year of Issue 2018
Country Tanzania
Composition Gold
Purity 0.9999
Condition Proof-Like
Denomination 1500.00
Currency Type Shilling
Coin Weight 1 Gram - g
Dimensions 11mm
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