2018 Tuvalu Silver Star Trek Discovery Proof Set 2-pc

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Celebrating the Latest Star Trek TV Series

Star Trek has fascinated generations of fans since what is today known as The Original Series debuted in 1966. Many fans of the series, who are known as "Trekkers," collect all things Star Trek, from tee-shirts and masks to posters and coins. This two piece set gives those fans something new for the Discovery series, which began in 2017. One of the coins features First Officer Michael Burnham, the first ever African-American woman to play a leading role in a Star Trek series, while the other features the U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031.

  • FOUR NINE FINE WITH PROOF FINISH -- Coins from the future should look sleek, and the proof finishes that these coins have provide just such a look. Both of the coins were struck from one ounce of 99.99% fine silver at the Perth Mint, one of the world's best respected sources of coins.


  • STUNNING STAR TREK DESIGNS -- Celebrating the latest TV series in the franchise, Star Trek: Discovery, the coins in this set feature the ship's captain, Michael Burnham, and the ship itself, the U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031.


  • TUVALU LEGAL TENDER -- Both of the coins in this set are one dollar legal tender in Tuvalu. Tuvalu is an island nation in the South Pacific that is known for the abundant wildlife in the reef around it and its beautiful beaches.


  • UNIQUE TRANSPORTER CASE -- Your set will arrive in a case that looks like a Transporter from Star Trek. That case comes in a themed cardboard box.


  • LIMITED MINTAGE -- Just 5,000 pieces of each of these coins were minted, and among those just 1,500 are packaged together as sets.

The world of science fiction tends to attract a fairly consistent audience, but the storylines in the Star Trek series brought it a much broader audience thanks to its presentation of contemporary issues in allegorical form. It overcame a difficult start to become one of the biggest franchises in the history of entertainment. With this two piece 2018 Tuvalu Silver Star Trek Discovery set, the Perth Mint offers both coin and Star Trek collectors the chance to own a pair of coins that feature a character and the starship from the latest edition. Order your set at GovMint.com today because the low mintages of the coins in this set mean that it will not be available for long!

Year of Issue 2018
Country Tuvalu
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9999
Condition Proof
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Dollar
Coin Weight 31.1 Grams - g
Dimensions 40.6mm