2019 Barbados $5 3-oz Silver Crocodile Antiqued Coin - Underwater World Series

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Hurry – These Crocodile Coins Will Be Gone in a Splash!

Short-tempered, easily provoked and dangerously aggressive towards anything that crosses its path. No, we’re not talking about an NFL linebacker, we’re talking about crocodiles, one of the world’s most deadly animals – river monsters responsible for killing around 1,000 humans every year. Capable of growing up to 23 feet long and weighing in at more than a ton, these killing machines are also the culprits behind the loss of chickens, dogs and goats snatched from river banks near populated villages.

Now the crocodile has a new starring role on a brand-new coin from the island nation of Barbados. The fourth coin in its popular Underwater World coin series, the crocodile really makes a splash on this coin. And what a coin! Struck in three full ounces of 99.9% silver, the massive 50 mm coin depicts a fearsome-looking crocodile emerging from its fetid swamp in incredible ultra high relief.

Enhanced by an antique finish along with selective translucent marine-blue enamel layered over the water portion of the design, the awesome 3D effect makes it look like the crocodile is half in and half out of the water on the very surface of your coin! It’s a thrilling aquatic effect that you have to see to believe. It’s as though you’re looking straight down at the surface of the water just as this mighty river monster opens up its jaws to say “hello!”

Speaking of jaws, did you know that a crocodile’s jaws can apply 5,000 pounds of pressure per square inch? That’s enough force to bite through someone’s arm or a leg with no problem. By way of comparison, a human's jaw only produces 100 pounds of pressure per square inch. But while a crocodile’s jaws have otherworldly biting power, they have very little opening strength and can easily be held shut with one’s hands or a stout rubber band.

But don’t worry, this coin doesn’t bite – but you may feel the pain if you don’t hurry and secure yours soon. With just 999 of these $5 legal-tender coins authorized for worldwide release, our limited supply is not likely to last long.

  • LATEST IN A POPULAR SERIES – The Crocodile Silver Coin is the fourth release in the Underwater World series from Barbados. The reverse image depicts a Crocodile while the obverse displays the Barbados Coat of Arms surrounded by a variety of underwater creatures.
  • STRUCK IN PURE SILVER – Each coin has been struck in three ounces of highly-pure 99.9% silver.
  • LEGAL TENDER IN BARBADOS – The 2019 Crocodile Three-Ounce Silver Coin is $5 legal tender in the island nation of Barbados, an eastern Caribbean island and independent British Commonwealth nation.
  • INCREDIBLE ANTIQUED DETAIL – Your 2019 Crocodile Three-Ounce Silver Coin has an antique finish and marine-blue enamel, the design of a fearsome-looking crocodile emerging from its fetid swamp is mind boggling! At 50 mm in diameter, this large coin expertly captures the lurking danger of one of the underwater world’s most dangerous inhabitants!
  • EXTREMELY LOW LIMITED EDITION – Just 999 Crocodile Three-Ounce Silver Coins were struck for worldwide release and each comes with an individual number along the edge to guaranty authenticity.

The anticipated demand from fans of exotic aquatic animals as well as collectors of unique coins means our supply of 2019 Three-Ounce Silver Crocodile Coins is sure to be exhausted quickly. Don’t let this coin disappear, add it to your cart today!

Year of Issue 2019
Country Barbados
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Antique
Denomination 5.00
Currency Type Dollar
Coin Weight 93.3 Grams - g
Weight 3 Ounces - oz
Dimensions 50mm
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