2019 Laos 2-oz Silver Lunar Green Jade Year of the Pig Proof

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Celebrate the Year of the Pig with the FIRST “Papercuting Style” Proof!


The art of papercutting was first developed in China following the invention of paper in 100 B.C. This unique art form creates designs cut from a single sheet of paper rather than assembling a collage from several pieces of paper. And now for the first time ever that design is replicated on this fantastic proof that pays tribute to the Chinese Lunar Year of the Pig!


The newest addition to a famed series – the 2019 Lao Silver Lunar Green Jade Year of the Pig Proof marks the ninth coin of the Laos Mint’s Lunar Chinese Calendar gilded series. The series, which celebrates the Chinese Lunar Year with a two-ounce silver coin gilded with gold and a striking green jade insert, has become a collector favorite. Like previous coins in the series, the 2019 Year of the Pig coin is brilliantly struck in 99.9% fine silver with 24-karat gold plating and an inset of fine jade. This coin has an added feature of a series of pigs engraved on the outside of its border utilizing a design that for the first time ever mimics the papercutting style that originated in China.


Chinese astrology has fascinated people around the world with each year taking on a new animal that represents specific traits, signs and meaning. With years dedicated to animals such as the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig; the astrological predictions associated with each sign can be both entertaining and profound. Famous figures born during the Year of the Pig include England’s King Henry VIII, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Magic Johnson and Ronald Reagan. Those born under the Year of the Pig (1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and 2019) are said to be considerate, responsible, independent and optimistic.


Whether you’re celebrating a new birth, the birthday of a colleague, value the two-ounce weight of the coin, or are interested in the coin for its beauty alone, the 2019 Lao Silver Lunar Green Jade Year of the Pig Proof is an excellent addition to your collection. Act now before other collectors hog all the coins for themselves!


  • A COIN OF UNIQUE AND REMARKABLE BEAUTY – The Laos Mint continues its popular series in style by rendering the Year of the Pig with a first-ever “papercutting style” design. This art form creates designs cut from a single sheet of paper was developed in China shortly after the invention of paper there around 100 B.C. The pigs on the outside of the coin’s border are engraved with a design mimicking the papercutting style. The center of the coin depicts an adorable little piglet gilded in 24-karat gold and surrounded by a ring of green jade. Inscriptions include the "THE YEAR OF THE PIG" in Chinese and English, and the date "2019," also in Chinese and English. The obverse of the coin features the Laos Coat of Arms.


  • STRUCK IN HIGHLY-PURE SILVER – Each 2019 Lao Silver Lunar Green Jade Year of the Pig Proof is struck two ounces of 99.9% silver.


  • LEGAL-TENDER COINAGE – These Year of the Pig silver proofs are 2000 Kip legal tender in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.


  • CERTIFIED PROOF STRIKE COIN – The 2019 Lao Silver Lunar Green Jade Year of the Pig Proof will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, and packaged in a red custom presentation box. Its Proof designation assures you of a coin struck with special dies multiple times, to ensure every detail is captured flawlessly.


  • LOW MINTAGE EQUALS HIGH POPULARITY – While its design alone makes this proof an interesting find, only 2,888 were minted, increasing its rarity.


With a low mintage, exquisite design and added appeal as a commemorative coin for, the 2019 Lao Silver Lunar Green Jade Year of the Pig Proof makes an excellent gift or addition to any international collection. Add one to your cart today!

Year of Issue 2019
Country Laos
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Proof
Denomination 2000.00
Currency Type Kip
Coin Weight 62.2 Grams - g
Weight 2 Ounces - oz
Dimensions 55mm