2021 Intaglio Mint 1-oz Silver Bigfoot High Relief Medal Gem BU

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Make Sure Sasquatch Sets Foot In Your Collection!

No one is quite sure just what Bigfoot is. Could it be a species of North American upright ape that has somehow eluded scientists for centuries? Most Native American tribes across the Pacific Northwest have stories in their oral traditions that describe giant hairy figures lurking in the woods that leave behind large footprints. In fact, “Sasquatch,” the common name for Bigfoot, is derived from Sasq’ets, a word spoken by various First Nations peoples along the British Columbia Coast.

Bigfoot is today one of if not THE world’s most famous of all paranormal creatures. With as many eyewitness sightings, photographs and home movies that exist that purport to be Sasquatch, one wonders why not one of these creatures has ever been captured — or even that a carcass from one of these hairy and smelly beasts has never been found. Footprints left behind by Bigfoot are all over the place, and now you can make sure that this creature sets foot in your collection with this one-ounce silver medal from the renowned Intaglio Mint’s Cryptozoology Collection of fine silver medals.

Silver Medal “Captures” Up Sasquatch With a Fantastic Design

Though this is not a legal-tender coin, this fabulous medal was struck in a full Troy ounce of highly pure 99.9% fine silver. It shows Sasquatch stepping over a fallen log deep within the dark and misty forests of the Pacific Northwest. The legend of Bigfoot is nothing new. Ancient pictographs left by Native Americans in Central California show a series of “Hairy Man” images that seem to depict a massive beast nearly 9 feet tall. These now-famous pictographs are thought to be thousands of years old, further evidence that the legend of Sasquatch has an incredibly long history.

Each 2021 Intaglio Mint One-Ounce Silver Bigfoot Medal available here features stunning high relief that’s so detailed, you’ll almost feel like you’re lost in the woods of America’s Pacific Northwest when this shaggy beast appears out of nowhere walking towards with a purpose known only to Sasquatch himself! Plus, it will come in Gem Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition, meaning that your medal is the product of a superb strike that places it firmly among the elite of the run.

Don’t let this mysterious monster get away — capture yours now and become the master Cryptozoologist you always knew you were!


  • ADD BIGFOOT TO YOUR COLLECTION – This medal was struck by the Intaglio Mint and features Bigfoot trampling through the heavily wooded forests of America’s Pacific Northwest. The medal’s reverse displays the Intaglio Mint logo superimposed over a radial burst, the medal’s weight and purity, and the 2021 year date in Roman Numerals: “MMXXI.”
  • STUNNING HIGH RELIEF – Each medal was struck with stunning High Relief (HR) that makes it seem as if Bigfoot is actually striding towards you for purposes only the shaggy beast himself knows.
  • STRUCK IN HIGHLY PURE SILVER – These 2021 Intaglio Mint Bigfoot Medals were struck in one Troy ounce of highly pure 99.9% fine silver and measure 39 mm in diameter.
  • GEM BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED CONDITION – Your Each 2021 Intaglio Mint One-Ounce Silver Bigfoot High Relief Medal will come in gleaming Gem Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition.

Add Sasquatch to your collection with this 2021 Intaglio Mint One-Ounce Silver Bigfoot High Relief Medal. Each medal comes ready to stalk its way into your collector’s heart. Order yours now!

Year of Issue 2021
Country United States
Composition Silver
Purity 0.999
Mint Name Intaglio Mint
Coin Weight 31.103 Grams - g
Weight 1 Ounce - oz
Dimensions 39mm