1835–1922 Large-Sized Paper Currency 20-pc Collection

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Saddle Up For The Horse Blanket Paper Currency Collection

There was a time when “folding money” was really that — notes so large that they absolutely had to be folded to fit into your wallet! This 20-piece set is a comprehensive collection of large-sized currency featuring many different “horse blanket” notes. In this collection you’ll find legal tender notes, silver certificates, treasury notes, gold certificates, obsolete notes and even confederate notes, each with stunning vignettes that make them extremely alluring to collectors.

Here you’ll find beautiful designs like the 1896 $1 Silver Certificate, the only note to depict both George and Martha Washington, as well as a beautiful vignette of History Instructing Youth. You’ll also find unique stories like that of the 1899 Oncpapa Indian Chief note, featuring Lakota Sioux Chief Running Antelope of the Hunkpapa band wearing a Pawnee bonnet because the one used by the Hunkpapa, or “Oncpapa” tribe was too large to fit on the note.

From the famous 1908 “Tombstone” Silver Certificate criticized for the shape of the frame around Vice President Thomas A. Hendricks, to the incredibly popular 1907 “Woodchopper” Note that captures the spirit of westward expansion, each note is an important piece of American history that you’ll enjoy examining again and again.

This isn’t an easy collection to put together, but we’ve done all the work for you, securing each note in Fine to About Uncirculated (F–AU) condition. The entire collection will arrive housed in a paper currency album.

This collection Includes:

  • 1891 $1 Treasury Stanton
  • 1896 $1 Educational Silver Certificate
  • 1899 $1 Black Eagle Silver Certificate
  • 1896 $2 Silver Certificate Educational
  • 1899 $2 Silver Certificate Washington
  • 1899 $5 Silver Certificate Oncpapa Indian
  • 1908 $10 Silver Certificate Tombstone Note
  • 1917 $1 Legal Tender Washington
  • 1917 $2 Legal Tender Jefferson
  • 1907 $5 Legal Tender Woodchopper
  • 1901 $10 Legal Tender Bison Fine
  • 1918 $1 Federal Reserve Bank
  • 1918 $2 Federal Reserve Bank Battleship
  • 1914 $5 Federal Reserve Note
  • 1922 $10 Gold Certificate
  • 1864 $2 Confederate Note
  • 1862 $100 Confederate Train Note
  • 1864 $100 Confederate Lucy Pickens
  • 1840 $20 Republic of Texas Note
  • 1835–1861 $10 Obsolete Bank of South Carolina

From woodchoppers to battleships to trains to presidents; this collection has got it covered. Secure your Large-Sized Paper Currency Collection now and add nearly a century of American history to your collection in the form of these epic horse blanket notes!

Country United States
Composition Paper Collateral
Condition Circulated
Grade F
Denomination 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, 100.00
Currency Type Dollar