1878–1921 Morgan Silver Dollar 20-Coin Roll AU-BU

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Full Rolls of Morgan Silver Dollars

The United States Morgan Silver Dollar is arguably the most coveted vintage silver dollar in the world. According to numismatists, they’re also relatively scarce, with as few as 15% of Morgans struck from 1878 to 1921 existing today in any condition.

That’s just one of the things that makes this offer so special. Here’s your chance to secure not just one of these coveted silver dollars, but a full 20-coin roll of Morgan Silver Dollars. That’s more than a pound of vintage American silver — and a lot of history to hold in your hands!

Even better, each roll is guaranteed to contain a first-year 1878-S Morgan struck at the San Francisco Mint and a last-and-only 1921-D Morgan, the only year the Denver Mint struck the coin. You can secure your roll in About Uncirculated to Brilliant Uncirculated (AU-BU) condition.

FULL 20-COIN ROLLS OF MORGAN SILVER DOLLARS – The Morgan Silver Dollar is the world’s most popular vintage silver dollar. This 20-coin roll includes a first-year 1878-S coin and a last year 1921-D Morgan.

STRUCK IN GLEAMING AMERICAN SILVER – Morgan Silver Dollars were struck in 90% fine silver from the famous Comstock Lode and measure 38.1 mm in diameter.

LEGAL TENDER SILVER DOLLAR – Morgans were $1 legal tender and struck during the heyday of America’s Wild West era where coins were overwhelmingly preferred over paper currency.

NICE COLLECTOR GRADE CONDITION – These coins come in nice About Uncirculated to Brilliant Uncirculated (AU-BU) condition with almost no traces of wear.

THE CASE OF THE DISAPPEARING MORGANS – While millions of Morgan Silver Dollars were struck from 1878 through 1921, massive silver meltings and the ravages of time have taken their toll. Today coin experts believe that only 15% of all Morgans ever struck remain in existence!

Don’t miss your chance to secure a 20-coin roll of Morgan Silver Dollars in About Uncirculated to Brilliant Uncirculated (AU-BU) condition including a guaranteed first-year-of-issue and last-year-of-issue coins! Order yours now!

Year of Issue 1921, 1920, 1919, 1918, 1917, 1916, 1915, 1914, 1913, 1912, 1911, 1910, 1909, 1908, 1907, 1906, 1905, 1904, 1903, 1902, 1901, 1900, 1899, 1898, 1897, 1896, 1895, 1894, 1893, 1892, 1891, 1890, 1889, 1888, 1887, 1886, 1885, 1884, 1883, 1882, 1881, 1880, 1879, 1878
Country United States
Composition Silver
Purity N/A, 0.9000
Condition Circulated
Grade AU
Denomination 1.00
Currency Type Dollar
Coin Weight 26.73 Grams - g
Dimensions 38.1mm