230-220 BC Chalcedon Lysimachus Tetradrachm NGC Choice VF

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A Very Rare Lysimachus Portrait of Alexander Tetradrachmof Chalcedon!


  • Minted -- Chalcedon, circa 230-220 BC
  • Grade -- NGC Choice Very Fine (CH VF), Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5  
  • Obverse -- Diademed head of the deified Alexander right, with horn of Ammon
  • Reverse -- Athena enthroned left, holding a Nike crowning Lysimachos’ name, ΛE monogram in left field, K on throne, grain ear in exergue
  • Legend -- ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΛΥΣΙΜΑΧΟΥ (Of King Lysimachus)
  • Diameter -- 33 mm


From the desk of GovMint.com’s resident ancient coin expert, David Levine:


  • A very rare coin -- less than 15 are currently known to exist.
  • Marinescu, the "bible" of Lysimachus coins, lists only eight of these. Only a few others have entered the market in the 20 years since Marinescu's book was published
  • Only the Museum of Coins, Medals and Antiques in Paris and the National Museum of Coins and Medals in Leiden have this coin documented in their collections.


This coin was produced in the famous city of Chalcedon where the "Council of Chalcedon" was held 700 years after this coin was minted.

Grade Choice-VF
Currency Type Tetradrachm
Dimensions 33mm
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