253-271 AD Roman Bronze South Petherton Hoard 3-Coin Set

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Three Ancient Roman Coins, Two Amazing Stories!

The Discovery of a Lifetime Found in a Farmer's Field!

With metal detector in hand and the permission of a local landowner freshly granted, George Hughes set out for adventure on a November morning in 2013. An initial find of a few loose coins slowly developed as more were unearthed nearby. A few hours later, an archeologist was called onto the scene. After four days, one of the most famous hoards in recent history finally saw the light of day. 7,500 coins, all from one of the most turbulent periods in Roman history, all named after the Somerset, England village where they were found -- the South Petherton Hoard. Now, you can bring three of these coins home to your collection with this historic set!

The Threat of the "Thirty Tyrants"

The story of how these South Petherton Hoard coins were discovered is only rivaled by the tale behind the coins themselves -- a history that began nearly 1,800 years earlier in 260 AD. Roman Emperor Valerian was captured in Persia, the result of a botched attempt to personally negotiate a truce with King Shāpūr I. This left his son Gallienus in charge, creating a chaotic power vacuum where generals from around the Roman Empire rushed to try and fill the void. Among these "Thirty Tyrants," the general Postumus controlled the northwestern section of the empire, including modern-day France, Belgium, Holland and England. Upon news of Valerian's capture, Postumus was declared emperor by his troops. This distinction would carry through to his successor Victorinus and then Tetricus, who would later surrender the territory back to the Roman Empire in 274, led at that time by Emperor and "Restorer of the World" Aurelian.

A Fast Stash, Now Ready For Your Collection!

It was at the time of Tetricus' defeat that a quick-thinking military officer buried this stash of coins in a location that would be hidden for centuries. Now uncovered, you can bring home a three-coin set from this significant discovery. You'll receive one bronze Antoninianus each from the reigns of Roman Emperor Gallienus, the general-turned-rival-emperor Postumus and his successor Victorinus. Officially authenticated to be part of the South Petherton Hoard, each coin is individually sealed in its own numismatic capsule, displayed together in a specially-crafted lacquered wood box with story card. Our allotment of these coins is extremely limited, and we're already seeing demand from collectors looking to make a part of this discovery their very own. Add this three-coin set to your cart now or you may have to wait a millennium or two for another chance!

Country Roman Empire
Composition Bronze
Pedigree South Petherton Hoard
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