260-269 AD Roman Bronze South Petherton Hoard Postumus NGC Choice-AU

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Museum Quality Coins from the South Petherton Hoard

With metal detector in hand and the permission of a local landowner freshly granted, George Hughes set out for adventure on a November morning in 2013. An initial find of a few loose coins slowly developed as more were unearthed nearby. A few hours later, an archeologist was called onto the scene. After four days, one of the most famous hoards in recent history finally saw the light of day. 7,500 coins, all from one of the most turbulent periods in Roman history, all named after the Somerset, England village where they were found -- the South Petherton Hoard. Per British law, the coins were examined and curated by the British Museum and then released, which then were sold at auction.


The General Who Led a Coup and Created the Gallic Empire – Postumus (260-269 AD)

After the death his father, Valarian, Emperor Gallienus’ put his trusted general, Postumus, in charge of military operations in the west. This was a mistake he would soon regret. In 259 A.D., Postumus and his troops revolted and ultimately declared him the ruler of the breakaway Gallic Empire – encompassing Gaul, Spain and eventually Britain. In 268 A.D. Laelianus, Governor of Germania Superior, formed a rebellion against Postumus, but Laelianus’ forces were quickly destroyed. After the battle Postumus refused to allow his troops to plunder Moguntiacum, present day Mainz, Germany, which led to his assassination by disgruntled troops.


  • Genuine 260-269 AD Roman coins -- Each coin has been certified by the British Museum.
  • Amazing Find in the Fields of England -- Each coin authenticated to be from the 2013 South Petherton Hoard. 
  • Graded CH AU -- Your Postumus coin has been graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) to be in Choice About Uncirculated condition (CH AU) and comes with a story card in an acrylic story vault holder for its protection.
  • Very Limited -- We have selected the very best of the hoard for you.
  • Hand Stuck Bronze Coin – No two coins are exactly alike.

While you can find many ancient coins on the market, very few can be found in this superior condition and grade. These are truly museum quality. Don't miss out -- secure your ANC South Petherton Hoard, Postumus NGC CH AU coin today.

Country Roman Empire
Composition Bronze
Condition Graded
Grade Choice-AU
Pedigree South Petherton Hoard