300 BC Thurium Silver Stater NGC CH AU-STAR

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This Incredibly Rare Silver Stater Holds an Ancient Secret!

Struck sometime around 300 BC, this ancient silver stater is an immensely important historical artifact. Thanks to the impossibly well-preserved detail on the coin -- a coin, we should mention, which is only one of 10 ever recorded -- we know that it was struck in the ancient city of Thuria, a Greek colony located in southern Italy and founded by exiles from the fallen city of Sybaris. Unfortunately, much about the colony is a mystery, as ancient historians wrote very little about the exile city of Thuria -- and that's where this 2,300 year-old coin comes in.

Thanks to the incredible condition of this coin, graded Choice About Uncirculated Star (CH AU*) by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) with a Strike 5/5 and Surface 3/5, along with other coins discovered with the same mint mark, historians have a better idea of the prosperity the city must have held. Add this fascinating clue to your collection today!

Year of Issue (Date Our Choice)
Composition Silver
Grade AU, Choice
Dimensions 21.5mm
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