603 AD Byzantine Carthage Phocas Gold Solidus Coin NGC MS-STAR

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From the Reign of Phocas, a Very Rare Byzantine Gold Solidus Minted in Carthage!

  • Minted -- Carthage, 603 AD
  • Grade -- NGC Mint State Star (MS*), Strike 5/5, Surface 5/5  
  • Obverse -- Crowned bust facing, wearing consular robes, holding mappa and cross; N S at end of legend
  • Reverse -- Victory standing left, holding long staff topped by Christogram; star to left; Mint mark below exergue, CONOB
  • Legend -- D N FOCA C PERP AV N S (obverse), VICTORI-A AVGGS (reverse)
  • Diameter -- 19 mm

From the desk of GovMint.com’s resident ancient coin expert, David Levine:

  • A very rare coin – less than 12 are known to exist.
  • In a search of all of the over 1,615 major ancient coin auctions of the past 16 years, there have been only four other coins of this type sold. This coin is in the best condition of those four.
  • This coin also has an important pedigree, coming from the Dr. Lawrence A. Adams CollectionPhocas found some favor from the people due to his lower taxes and agricultural reforms. However, he quickly became one of the most tyrannical of all Byzantine Emperors. By the time he was overthrown eight years later by Heraclius, King Khosrau II of Persia was again threatening the Byzantine Empire from the east.
Composition Gold
Condition Circulated
Grade MS
Dimensions 19mm
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