Alexander III Tetradrachm King Lysimachus NGC CH VF

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As a Fallen Hero Is Honored, a World First is Born!

After conquering nearly the entire known world, Alexander the Great died mysteriously in 323 BC. As his empire was divided up among his generals, the northern part was awarded to King Lysimachus. In response, the new King minted an image of the recently deceased Alexander the Great on Silver Tetradrachms. Whether this tribute was meant to honor Alexander or if it was simply a way to boost his support by connecting himself directly with the revered leader, King Lysimachus ended up doing something quite revolutionary. By minting a bust of Alexander wearing the Horn of Ammon, he not only created the first coins in the world to posthumously depict a Greek king, but also the first coins to feature a real human rather than a god or goddess!

Now you have the chance to own one of these monumental Silver Tetradrachms. Along with the profile of Alexander the Great on the obverse, Athena is featured on the reverse, holding a Nike crowning King Lysimachus' name, along with mint marks and control marks in the left field. This example grades Choice Very Fine (CH VF) "Fine Style" by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), and is encapsulated in an acrylic holder for protection.

Add this fantastic piece of numismatic history to your collection now!

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Currency Type Tetradrachm
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