Ancient Lysimachus Gold Stater Pella NGC CH AU

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One of Only Three Known to Exist!

Of the three coins of this type known, this Lysimachus Gold Stater Pella is the finest, graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as Choice About Uncirculated (Ch AU) "Fine Style" with a Strike 5/5 and Surface 3/5. It features a portrait of Alexander the Great, but it was not struck during his lifetime. Instead, it was struck sometime between 305 and 281 B.C. during the reign of Lysimachus.

It is not known whether Lysimachus used the image of Alexander posthumously to honor the former leader or to shore up support for his own reign by connecting himself with Alexander. In either case, Lysimachus was the first to put a deceased Greek king on his coins.

The reverse features the goddess Athena on her throne, shield at her side, holding the goddess Nike in her hand. Only one of these ancient coins is available -- secure it for your collection now!

Country Greece
Composition Gold
Condition Graded
Grade Choice-AU
Dimensions 18mm
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