305-311 AD Roman Silver Argenteus Coin of Galerius NGC AU

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A Historic and Unique Silver Argenteus of Galerius!

Crowned Caesar at the age of 33, Galerius was the son of a herdsman, having risen through the ranks of the army. Initially, he was a strong opponent of Christianity, persecuting those living under his rule who worshipped Christ. It was not until later in life that he realized that he could not stamp out the religion, decreeing in A.D. 311 that ". . . they may be able to live securely in their homes." Galerius’s hopes to become total ruler of the Roman Empire ended with the rise of Constantine the Great.

Struck sometime between 305 and 311 A.D., this beautiful coin is in almost perfect condition, graded About Uncirculated (AU) by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) with a Strike 5/5 and Surface 3/5. It’s also a variety of an already extremely rare coin, being the only coin known in the world with the third officina mint mark! Since the year 2000, only two of these coins have sold at auction -- and those were struck with the fourth officina mark. Don’t wait for this incredible find to disappear!

Year of Issue (Date Our Choice)
Country Roman Empire
Composition Silver
Grade AU
Dimensions 19mm