Byzantine Gold Heraclius Solidus NGC MS

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Gold Coins of Emperor Heraclius, Hero of the True Cross!

This gold solidus coin was struck under the reign of Emperor Heraclius. He ruled the Byzantine Empire in the early 7th century AD, a time where armies united by Islam were sweeping across the Mideast. At that time, Christians still held Palestine, where the True Cross was located and venerated by thousands of pilgrims every year.

When the Persians captured Jerusalem in 614 AD, they sacked the city and took the True Cross. It took the Emperor Heraclius another 13 years to defeat the Persians and take the True Cross back to Constantinople. Two years later, Heraclius journeyed to Jerusalem, bringing the Cross back to its home on March 21, 630 AD.

This gold solidus was the most widespread gold coin of the era. This example grades Mint State (MS) by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and comes housed in an acrylic holder for protection. It's a great numismatic and historic relic of a bygone era. Secure it for your collection now!

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