A Shining Standard



Since 1988, the Royal Canadian Mint has annually released one of the world's most beloved coins: The Silver Maple Leaf. Through their constant innovation and dynamic presentation of the Maple Leaf Series, the Royal Canadian Mint continues to thrill collectors around the world with a timeless treasure that will continue to catch people's eyes for years to come. 


Classic Styling

Timeless Quality

Each year, this highly sought-after annual release adds poise and polish to a timeless classic with an iconic design, high-quality silver content, and MINTSHIELD™ protective treatment. Crafted from brilliant .9999 fine silver, the Silver Maple Leaf is sure to be the shining star in any collection.

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Timeless Design

Unlike no other, this beloved annual series features the iconic sugar maple leaf on its reverse, representative of the Canadian nation, and an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

Shimmering Silver

Each release is struck from .9999 fine silver, creating bullion of exceptional quality. Each carefully crafted Silver Maple will add something special to your collection for years to come.

Brilliant Shine

To protect against milk spots, the Royal Canadian Mint introduced MINTSHIELD™ technology and has incorporated it into Silver Maple Leafs dated 2018 or later. This new standard guarantees years of exceptional shine.


Precious & Pristine

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Grow your Collection

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