2019 China 20-oz Silver 150th Anniversary Panda Cube

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A First-Ever Design for a 150th Anniversary

The Giant Panda has been synonymous with China for years. Nowadays it’s hard to believe that there was ever a time when the western world had no idea that the cuddly animal existed. That’s how it was though, up until March 11, 1869 when the French missionary Armand David was given a Panda pelt by a local hunter while trying to collect materials to build a museum of natural history. It was at that moment that the western world was introduced to what would inevitably become a cultural icon, but the west wouldn’t know what one of the adorable bears would look like alive until 1916 when a German zoologist purchased a Panda cub in 1916.

In 2019, a full 150 years after the panda’s discovery by the West, China struck its first-ever 20-ounce silver cubic commemorative in honor of the beloved Giant Panda. Each of the cubic commemorative’s six sides contains an icon or date significant to the Chinese Panda coin series. There are updated versions of the 1982 Gold, 1983 Silver, 1987 Platinum and 1989 Palladium Panada as well as an all-new 150th anniversary design by respected numismatic artist Tong Fang, creator of the 2019 Gold & Silver Panada reverse. The sixth design is the image of the Temple of Heaven that has been depicted on the obverse of every Chinese Panda coin since the series began.

This special cubic commemorative is struck using a specially designed, state-of-the-art, six-piece die that applies pressure evenly over the commemorative’s six sides. Plus, each commemorative comes in Brilliant Uncirculated condition that features a special antique finish, allowing the piece to be handled without the need for a protective casing.

Along with the commemorative itself, this spectacular cube comes with a special custom-designed display case that will show off all of its many features and will be accompanied by a white glove so you can remove the cube from the case and examine if from all sides. There will also be an individually numbered certificate of authenticity, a booklet detailing the history behind the cube and its intriguing designs. To top it off, you’ll even receive a personalized letter from the master designer Tong Fang herself that details her involvement in the project!

Just 1,888 of the magnificent pieces will be available for worldwide release – that’s an incredibly auspicious figure as the number “8” is a considered to be lucky in Chinese culture. Make sure you’re one of the lucky ones and order a Silver Panada Cube for your collection today!

  • 150th ANNIVERSARY – These special cubic commemoratives celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Western world discovering China’s now iconic Giant Pandas.
  • FIRST-EVER COMMEMORATIVE CUBE – In honor of such a momentous occasion, China’s New Century Mint struck a first ever cube-shaped Panda commemorative measuring 38 mm on each side.
  • STRUCK IN HIGHLY PURE SILVER – Each of these six-sided commemoratives are struck in 20 ounces of 99.9% silver.
  • ANTIQUE FINISH – The 150th Panda Anniversary commemorative comes with an antique finish allowing you to handle it without the need for a protective case.
  • SPECIL DISPLAY CASE – Every one of these commemoratives comes with a custom-designed presentation case and a white cotton glove to so you can remove the cube from the case and examine if from all sides.
  • LETTER FROM THE DESIGNER – The special commemorative comes with a personalized letter from Tong Fang, a designer at the China Mint and the artist behind the new designs on this commemorative.
  • LIMITED MINTAGE – The mintage of this first-ever cube-shaped Panada cube has been set at only 1,888.

Celebrate the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the Giant Panda with the first-ever cube-shaped Panda commemorative. Click one to your cart today!

Year of Issue 2019
Country China
Composition Silver
Purity 0.9990
Condition Antique
Mint Name Shanghai New Century
Weight 20 Ounces - oz
Dimensions 38mm