Coin Collecting

  1. U.S. Presidents and Numismatics

    U.S. Presidents and Numismatics
    Under the U.S. system of government, the president, who has extensive powers in areas such as national security, does not usually play a major role in shaping our coinage. The most prominent exceptions, include presidents who had an interest in, and who took the initiative to get involved in, numismatics, especially President Theodore Roosevelt, whose influence over early 20th century coinage is legendary. The main numismatic role of a president is signing coinage legislation into law after it has been passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate. The powers of the executive in this area are mostly delegated to officials the President appoints, and others who serve in their administration. Chief among them is the U.S. Treasury Secretary, who oversees the U.S. Mint and makes the ...
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  2. War and Currency: Driving and Marking American History

    War and Currency: Driving and Marking American History
    Money and military have driven history since ancient times. Currency changes to finance war. Wars are fought to gain more money. Currency changes to adapt to the new conditions created by war, and once wars are over, they celebrate both peace and victory as well as commemorating those who gave everything to fight for their countries. This inextricable link between money and military, evident throughout human history, has been every bit a part of American history as in any previous civilization, especially in the twentieth century. The Civil War: the War between States   Not surprisingly, the biggest impact on American currency came with the war that divided the nation. North and South both had to adapt to find ways to fight their fathers, sons, and brothers. The North’s curren ...
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  3. A Modern Numismatic Icon: The American Eagle Series

    A Modern Numismatic Icon: The American Eagle Series
    The American Silver Eagle coin, is not only the U.S. Mint’s most important, flagship coin program, it is also the king of modern U.S. coins, playing a role in the U.S. marketplace and in the numismatic hobby, ultimately over-shadowing many other series. The series has been issued in several formats, including silver and gold since 1986, platinum since 1997 and palladium since 2017. Each year in January, the U.S. Mint begins selling the bullion version of the most recently-dated Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle coins, as well as the proof versions of the Silver Eagle. This is always one of the most important numismatic events of the year, especially during years such as this one, 2019, whe ...
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  4. Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Coin Program Launches from the U.S. Mint

    Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Coin Program Launches from the U.S. Mint
    American Achievement: the Apollo 11 Moon Shot While American technological and political achievements are numerous, few are as resonant as the great Space Race of the 1960s. This included the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs that reached their triumphant apex with the Apollo 11 mission that saw astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin land on the moon and their safe return, along with command module pilot Michael Collins, to Earth. The United States Mint is releasing a seven coin commemorative program to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and the moon landing. The series will have broad appeal for numismatic collectors as well as technology and space buffs alike. Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo moon landing is really an attempt to capture the vibrant spirit of the Sixties and of the extraordinary achievements of America and Americans. The “one small step for man… one giant leap for mankind” celebrated with these c ...
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  5. The Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle Series: History in the Making

    The Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle Series: History in the Making
    The Australia Wedge-Tailed Eagle Series: History in the Making In 2014, John Mercanti and the Perth Mint made history as the former Chief Engraver of the United States Mint collaborated with the Perth Mint on the new Silver Wedge-Tailed Eagle. The new issue marked the first time that a US Mint engraver designed a coin for a foreign mint. The first release in the series had a mintage of just 50,000 pieces, and the response among collectors worldwide was so overwhelming that the series has become a mainstay of the Perth Mint and among the most anticipated annual releases among collectors. The 2019 edition marks the fifth anniversary release in the series and just the first time that a new design has been introduced after just one year of the previous ...
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  6. Finding the Value in U.S Commemorative Coins

    U.S. Mint Commemorative Coins The United States Mint has issued official commemorative coins over the last 125 years, to celebrate and honor important people, places, events, institutions and causes, struck in precious metal as monetary art. Authorized by Congress, commemorative coins are legal tender, but they are not intended for general circulation, they are struck only in a limited quantity and are only available for a limited time, making them very desirable.  Most commemorative coins have some socially-popular and historical significance behind them, creating interest among many people who would otherwise have little to no interest in collecting coins. Commemorative coins are very popular and a great way to get started in the hobby of coin coll ...
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  7. The Gold Coin that Protected Spies and Special Forces

    The Gold Coin that Protected Spies and Special Forces
    While watching From Russia With Love (1963) recently, I was amazed to see something in the movie I had long forgotten—the James Bond Gold Piece! Near the beginning of the movie, Q delivers a special black brief case to Bond. The case was filled with the usual rounds of ammunition & many high-tech weapons – but also featured two straps hidden inside the lining of the case, which secretly held 50 Gold Sovereign coins! Towards the end of the film, when a SPECTRE hit man has Bond on his knees, he tells the henchman about the fifty gold sovereigns hidden in his briefcase. When the greedy assassin proceeded to investigate Bond’s claim and open the briefcase, it explodes in his face! Needless to say, James Bond escapes to spy another day… While this may just seem like another exciting moment in a classic action film, I can tell you that Gold Sovereigns haven’t just saved the life of  ...
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  8. Discovered Buried Treasure

    Discovered Buried Treasure
    Treasure Hoards Discovered People have always been fascinated with "treasure" whether buried or sunken. Over time many great hoards of coins have been discovered and many rare coins have been found in pristine condition because they were stored away and forgotten about for generations, until they were discovered. Many existing hoards have already been found and dispersed through sales and auctions over the years, to the delight of many rare coin collectors.  Certainly there are still many great coin hoards still hidden away, just waiting to be discovered. The following are just some of the many great coin hoards discovered in America. Castine Hoard (1840s) ...
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  9. Ladies of Numismatics: Personification on Coinage

    Symbolism has been a part of numismatics for almost as long as coins have been struck. It has also long been a part of propaganda, with national personification frequently used in literature and, even more frequently, imagery. This was especially true in print during the golden age of newspapers before television took over in terms of visuals. While these national personifications are used far less frequently today than they were prior to the introduction of other forms of media, some of them stuck and continue to be used on coinage to this day. Many of the allegorical figures that represent entire nations are based on the Greek goddess Athena. Athena was the goddess of wisdom and war. Goddesses based on this figure include Britannia, Germania, Helvetia, and Hibernia. Each of these figures has appeared on precious metals coins, and some continue to do so. The best known of these figures among collectors is Britannia, for whom ...
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  10. The New York Bank Hoard Story

    The New York Bank Hoard Story
    The New York Bank Hoard Story It is the dream of most coin collectors, to discover a hidden hoard of rare coins.  Now, imagine finding 16 sealed original U.S. Treasury bags containing 16,000 vintage Morgan Dollars! That dream came true recently with the discovery of a large hoard of Morgan Silver Dollars that were hidden away for over 50 years in Wall Street Bank Vault. Recently, the heirs of their father’s secret silver stash, revealed the insistence of this hidden hoard that was untouched for over 50 years, ever since the 16 bags of Morgan Silver Dollars, were placed in a New York bank large safe-deposit box back in 1964. This remarkably well-preserved hoard was virtually untouched for over half a century and boasts a number of high-grade pieces, including 118 that graded NGC MS 67. Tha ...
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