Gold Eagle

  1. A Modern Numismatic Icon: The American Eagle Series

    A Modern Numismatic Icon: The American Eagle Series
    The American Silver Eagle coin, is not only the U.S. Mint’s most important, flagship coin program, it is also the king of modern U.S. coins, p ...
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  2. Which Coins Qualify for My IRA?

    Which Coins Qualify for My IRA?
    The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 allows you to invest any bullion coin into your IRA. In addition to Silver, Gold and Platinum Eagles, which are mentioned specifically, the law allows you to include “a coin issued under the laws of any State,” (meaning any nation). For detailed information, please refer to these webs ...
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  3. Gold is Money

    Gold is Money
    In July of 2011 Congressman Ron Paul asked Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke a simple question: "Do you think gold is money?" His answer: "No."  For a person like me, who has spent their career studying the history of money since the beginning of civilization, his answer struck me like a brick to the head.  Yet part of me was unsurprised. His answer is part and parcel of the mythology, carefully crafted, to turn bits of official-looking paper into "money" in the minds of the public. To admit to the obvious fact that gold is money would be to admit that the emperor has no clothes. The Gold Standard for the dollar The founders of our nation would be astounded and appalled by Mr. Bernanke's declaration. When they created the dollar, they went to great lengths to define its value in silve ...
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  4. The First Commemorative? A Gold Rush Treasure Story

    The First Commemorative? A Gold Rush Treasure Story
    While the 1892 Columbian Half Dollar is officially published as the nation's first commemorative coin, there is another legendary issue that many argue is the true heir to this prestigious title: The 1848 "CAL." Gold Quarter Eagle. The reason for this claim? The 1848 Gold piece was minted from the very first gold sent east from the famous California Gold Rush, and each coin bears a special "CAL." Stamp above the eagle as recognition of the pedigree and source of the gold.  Born in the Gold Fields of California  On January 28, 1848, gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill near Coloma, California - and this single event ignited one of the most exciting times in our young nation's history. People from all over the country, and indeed, the world, flooded into the gold fields of California and surrounding areas armed with rustic tools, a strong back, and the dream of striking it rich. Between 1848 and 1855, an estimated 300,000 people arrived ...
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