Silver Eagle

  1. A Modern Numismatic Icon: The American Eagle Series

    A Modern Numismatic Icon: The American Eagle Series
    The American Silver Eagle coin, is not only the U.S. Mint’s most important, flagship coin program, it is also the king of modern U.S. coins, p ...
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  2. The Use of Animals in Ancient and Modern Coins

    The Use of Animals in Ancient and Modern Coins
    Animals On Coins Animals, both domesticated and wild, seem to have always fascinated man. Whether in the form of Roman military standards (ensigns), coins or sacred totems that feature animals – all seem to be bearers of powerful animal symbols that played a pivotal role in awareness and self-expression. The use ...
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  3. Understanding the Value in Collecting Coins

    Understanding the Value in Collecting Coins
    The concept of collecting coins was developed way back when coins were first minted. Archeological studies have shown that even in ancient Rome and Mesopotamia, citizens were likely collecting coins as a form of portable and affordable artwork. Alexander the Great himself gave the gold staters struck under his reign as gifts to his friends, and centuries later, Augustus Caesar followed suit with old coins and coins struck by foreign countries. During the early Renaissance, European nobility and even royalty grew fond of collecting the ancient coins of the Romans or the Greeks, earning coin collecting the nickname, the "Hobby of Kings." Today, there are more reasons than ever to become a coin collector, and an important aspect of the hobby is understanding the value of coins. This can be found through the coin’s condition, history, supply and demand and even your personal preference. Let’s take a look at these key elements of a coins value, to see if you would lik ...
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  4. Which Coins Qualify for My IRA?

    Which Coins Qualify for My IRA?
    The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 allows you to invest any bullion coin into your IRA. In addition to Silver, Gold and Platinum Eagles, which are mentioned specifically, the law allows you to include “a coin issued under the laws of any State,” (meaning any nation). For detailed information, please refer to these webs ...
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  5. "Secret" US Silver Eagles

    "Secret" US Silver Eagles
    In 2011, Uncle Sam publicly cried ‘Uncle’ when the U.S. Mint admitted that it needed help keeping up with the record-smashing demand for its Silver Eagle dollars. The West Point Mint, which had exclusively struck these popular coins for the last decade, was simply too overwhelmed by the surge in public demand to keep up. So, who did Uncle Sam turn for help? The prestigious U.S. Mint in San Francisco. Starting in the end of May, the San Francisco Mint began to produce 2011 U.S. Silver Eagles to supplement the coins already being struck at West Point. But, because the uncirculated Silver Eagle traditionally does not feature any mintmark, the coins were not able to be distinguished from each other once they are distributed to the public. At first, it appeared that their secret would forever remain hidden. W ...
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  6. Should I Collect Vintage or Modern Coins?

    Should I Collect Vintage or Modern Coins?
    One of the most common questions I’m asked by new collectors is, “What should I collect?” People tell me they’ve developed an interest in numismatics, but they’re not sure how to get started.  So Many Options for Collectors Choosing an area of interest can be quite difficult for some. The great thing about coin collecting is that numismatics can fit just about any budget. Kids can find coins of interest in circulation, while the billionaire can pursue the rarest of the rare issues.  The biggest danger is that once you get started collecting a series or issues, it can be quite compulsive. The thrill of the search is usually more important than the destination—a complete set!  Modern Issues for the Modern Numismatist Many new collectors are drawn to modern issues. Perhaps an advertisement by the U.S. Mint sparked interest, or a new State Quarter from your home state ignited your collect ...
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