The Coca-Cola® Company: An American Success Story

The Coca-Cola® Company: An American Success Story

The Coca-Cola® Company: An American Success Story

Coming up from humble beginnings in the late 19th century, Coca-Cola® has emerged as the world’s first – and still most recognizable – global brand. The company currently offers its products in all but two countries around the world, Cuba and North Korea, and the only reason that it isn’t available in those two is because of American trade embargoes. People of all ages enjoy the original beverage and its countless offshoots every day.

From Humble Origins to Global Phenomenon

John Pemberton Coca-Cola’s® story began in Georgia in 1886. After the Civil war, pharmacist John S. Pemberton invented Pemberton’s French Wine Cola, which he made at his drugstore. Fortunately for Pemberton – and the history of his beverage – Atlanta and Fulton County, Georgia enacted prohibition legislation in 1886. Pemberton began selling a non-alcoholic alternative to the wine cola for a nickel a glass in May of that year, which would eventually evolve into the cola we all know and love today.

Before his passing, Pemberton would sign over a large portion of the company to successfully businessman Asa Chandler who would go on to spread Coca-Cola to the other soda-fountains in the Atlanta area.

Iconic Bottle

The drink was first bottled in 1897. This was a major step that allowed the beverage to be stored and sold ‘on the go.’ Just over two decades later in 1915, the “hobble-skirt” design that is so familiar today was introduced. Created by the Root Glass Company of Indiana, the design was created “to ensure that the bottle was recognizable even in the dark, or if it was broken.” Today, the distinctive design continues to be employed in many parts of the world. Even the company’s plastic bottles feature variations of it.

Timeless Santa Clause Campaign

summer-pool-red-coca-cola That bottle proved just the beginning of what has proven the most effective series of branding efforts in history. In the 1920s, the company began using images of Santa Clause in their advertising. At the time, Santa was typically depicted as a serious, even strict character. In the following decade, though, the company teamed up with illustrator Haddon Sundblom to change Santa’s image. Sundblom showed him as a jolly old elf, creating the image that we know of him today. While he is often credited with changing St. Nick’s colors to those of the company, he had been depicted in red and white previously. Even so, he combined the two. Since that campaign, the company hasn’t been selling soda; it’s been selling happiness.

Officially Liscenced Coca-Cola® Collectible Coins

Coca Cola Bottle Shaped Coin In 2018, was proud to introduce an exclusive new product that gave coin collectors the opportunity to own a little happiness – in fine silver – itself with the introduction of the Coca-Cola® Bottlecap-Shaped coins. Issed by the island nation of Fuji, some are colorized and composed of 6 grams of silver, while others lackethe iconic red coloring of the bottle cap, but were composed of 1 oz. of silver. Both feature the classic bottlecap design with the Coca-Cola® logo. These coins are fantastic collectibles, not just because of coin collectors but because of Coca-Cola® fans who collect various paraphernalia from the company. This is one of the only companies on the planet that commands collectors of its own.

In 2018, The Coca-Cola® Company employed 62,600 people directly and had total assets of $83.2 billion. Its products sold throughout the world, bringing great taste - and happiness - to billions of people. America has produced countless stories of entrepreneurial success, but perhaps none is greater than the cola that started in a local pharmacy and that became a global company.


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