2020 Burnished American Silver Eagle

 The classic American Silver Eagle featuring the Burnished or "Uncirculated" collector finish will be released by the United States Mint on July 8th, 2020, but is available to pre-order now on GovMint.com.


 Burnished American Silver Eagles: A sought after Collector Coin


 The American Silver Eagle series was first struck back in 1986 as the official silver bullion issue from the United States Mint.  The series is struck on 1 oz. .999 silver blanks, and has swiftly become one of the most popular and trsuted annual programs from the Mint. The series is issued in three finishes: the popular bullion brilliant uncirculated finish, as well as the collector's Proof and Uncirculated, otherwise known as "Burnished," finishes. These numismatic finishes are available in significantly reduced mintages from the bullion version. Both Proof and Burnished versions of the coin not only feature desireable finishes, but they also feature the mint mark from the mint facility that struck the coin. Both Proof and Burnished Silver Eagle varieties have been struck at the West Point Mint in recent years and carry its iconic "W" mint mark.


 Of particular interest to seasoned collectors is the Burnished or Uncirculated finish, which was added to the American Silver Eagle series in 2006 as part of the 20th anniversary of the series. These coins have a uniform, frosty appearance, and typically boast much lower mintages than their Proof finish counterparts. 


 Burnishing is a metal-on-metal polishing process that, when struck with the specially processed dies, results in the attractive, even, frosty appearance of this series. 

 A Beautifully Designed Coin


 The design used on the obverse of the Silver Eagle series is considered the most beautiful design ever struck in silver by the US Mint. Additionally, the series has used the same design since it was first issued. 


 The obverse features the Adolph A. Weinman "Liberty Walking" design from the famous 1916 US circulating half dollar series. Liberty is depicted walking with purpose shown striding over rocky American terrain. She holds laurel and oak, which represent success and strength, respectively. The rising sun silhouettes her from behind as the American Flag gives her warmth and comfort.


The reverse of the American Silver Eagle series was an original one, made specifically for the series by former United States Mint Chief Engraver John Mercanti.  A Heraldic Eagle is displayed on the reverse. A shield protects his breast as he holds arrows and an olive branch. An inverted triangular field of thirteen stars appears over the eagle. 

Burnished Silver Eagle Heraldic Eagle Reverse Design Burnished Silver Eagle Heraldic Eagle Reverse Design

 Why should you consider this issue for your collection?


 The "Burnished" or Uncirculated issues in the series regularly have lower mintages than any other ASEs issued, making this a compelling choice under normal circumstances.

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