2021 Brilliant Uncirculated American Silver Eagle

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Update from the United States Mint 6/23/2020: 2021 Silver Eagle Reverse Design Candidates Revealed

The Citizens Coinage Advisory (CCAC) met on June 23rd, 2020, to review the potential designs of upcoming United States Mint programs, including the yet-to-be-revealed reverse design of the American Silver Eagle program. So far, thirty-nine candidate designs have been revealed, and while none of them has been chosen as the final design, they offer an exciting preview of what the reverse of the 2021 American Silver Eagle may look like next year.

To see all thirty-nine candidate designs on the United States Mint website, click here.


Some of the 2021 Silver Eagle Reverse Design Candidates Some of the 2021 Silver Eagle Reverse Design Candidates

Big changes are coming for the American Silver Eagle coin program in 2021. The United States Mint established the American Silver Eagle one ounce coin as the premier ownership vehicle for numismatic silver and silver bullion in the United States in 1986. The series is struck on 1 oz. .999 fine silver planchets. The silver weight and purity is guaranteed the U.S. Government. The coins bear a face value of $1 and are legal tender.

What is different about the 2021 Silver Eagle?


To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the first Silver Eagle, the U.S. Mint is planning to redesign the reverse of the series. No details regarding the design have yet been released. The redesign will include new security features as counterfeiters would not initially be able to duplicate the coin. The famous obverse will remain the same. 


The Mint is planning to incorporate additional cutting edge security features as other world mints have done over the last few years. These enhancements may include micro-engraving, privy marks, engraved, and textured backgrounds, although the exact improvements that will be used have not yet been announced. Additional features may not be announced to the public and may only be apparent to the U.S. Mint, the Treasury Department and the Secret Service.

Traditional American Silver Eagle Obverse and Reverse DesginTraditional American Silver Eagle Obverse and Reverse Desgin
Traditional American Silver Eagle Design

The Classic American Silver Eagle Design

The American Silver Eagle obverse and reverse designs have not changed since 1986.


The obverse features the timeless Adolph A. Weinman “Walking Liberty” design that debuted in 1916 on the circulating half dollar coin. The image of Lady Liberty walking over the American Landscape, freely sharing the strength and prosperity of the symbols she bears will not change in 2021.

The reverse features the original John Mercanti design of a powerful Heraldic Eagle. A Union shield protects his breast as he clutches arrows and an olive branch. An inverted triangular field of thirteen stars appears over the eagle and bunting bearing the motto “E Pluribus Unum” is firmly gripped in his beak. This image will be either replaced or redesigned to incorporate the latest anti-counterfeiting technology.

Why is the redesign important to collectors?

2021 will be the first year of issue for this redesign. This means that collectors of the 2021 and later issues are going to be protected by the security features. In addition to these new features, the Mint will be putting an enormous amount of information out about the new features and they will be promoting the series. New and established collectors have historically been attracted to new and improved designs. When word of the innovations reaches the press general interest in the series is renewed and invigorated.  

The 2021 Brilliant Uncirculated American Silver Eagle will be available in early 2021.

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