2021 China Silver Panda Brilliant Uncirculated Coins

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2021 China Silver Panda Brilliant Uncirculated Coins

Chinese Silver Panda coins have provided collectors with beauty and satisfaction for the last 37 years. The coins generally feature low mintages compared to many other modern coins and are famous for traditionally limited distribution, especially in the series’ early years. The Silver Panda series features a refreshing reverse panda design that is changed annually. The coins bear a face value in the Yuan, China's currency, and are legal tender coins. The Silver Panda is currently struck in 30 grams of .999 fine silver. 

2021 China Silver Panda Design  

The ever-changing reverse design uses China's native Giant Panda to relate the many moods and modes of this cultural icon. The 2021 design was crafted by Chinese coin designer Tong Fang, who crafted the 2019 reverse design. The 2021 reverse showcases the mother panda and her growing cub as he explores his tree-climbing abilities.


The obverse showcases an image of the Taoist Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests, located in the Forbidden City, located near Beijing. The Hall of Prayer is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2021 China Silver Panda Design2021 China Silver Panda Design

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