2021 Peace Dollar

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Coming Soon: The 2021 Peace Dollar

The Peace Dollar is one of the United States Mint’s most poignant silver dollar, as it celebrates not simply a person, nation, or event but the universal desire for a common goal, peace. The coin was first issued in 1921 following the end of World War I. In 2021, the centennial anniversary of the first Peace Dollar, the United States Mint plans to issue 2021 dated versions of the iconic silver dollar. 

The 2021 issues were authorized under Public Law 116-286, the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act, which former President Donald j. Trump signed into law on January 5th, 2021.

2021 Peace Dollar Designs 

The U.S. Mint took great care in scanning hubs, using plaster models, galvanos, and original coins from the mint’s heritage assets to create a coin that pays homage to the 1921 issue. The Philadelphia Mint will strike a 2021 Peace Dollar that will not have a mint mark, just like the original.

While 1921 Peace Dollars were made using .900 fine silver, the 2021 issues will be struck on one troy ounce .999 fine silver planchets.

Many details surrounding the United States Mint’s 100th anniversary Peace Dollar, like the finishes that will appear, have not yet been revealed. This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available so check back often!

2021 Peace Silver Dollar2021 Peace Silver Dollar

History of the Peace Dollar

World War I was one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. Brutal new weaponry, trench warfare, and media coverage that brought the front lines to people well beyond the battle lines rendered it so horrific that it became known as “the war to end all wars.” Once the war finally ended, the United States wanted to have a coin that celebrated peace, and Anthony de Francisci’s Peace Dollar was born. The coin was struck from 1921-1928 and 1934-1935. 2021 marks 100 years since the inaugural Peace Dollar issue.


the obverse is a left-side portrait of Liberty wearing a radiate crown. Her name, “LIBERTY,” arches over the image, while the date, “2021,” is included at the bottom of the rim. The effigy splits the national motto, which reads, “IN GOD WE TRVST.”

On the reverse, an eagle is perched on a mountain crag against a backdrop of the rays of the sun. On the crag is the inscription “PEACE.” Other inscriptions on this face include the name of the issuing country, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” the second statutory motto, “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and the coin’s face value, “ONE DOLLAR.”

When will the 2021 Peace Dollar be available?

The release date of the 2021 Peace Dollar has not yet been revealed.