2021-S U.S. Mint Silver Proof Set

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The Silver Proof Set is an annual tradition released by the United States Mint that allows collectors to add gorgeous proof versions of iconic circulating coin designs to their collection with one fell purchase. While the United States Mint has not yet revealed the exact details of what will be included in the set, traditionally, the set has included a Native American Dollar, a Kennedy Half Dollar, America the Beautiful Quarters, a Roosevelt Dime, a Jefferson Nickel, and a Lincoln Cent. The half dollar, the quarter, and the dime will be struck from .999 fine silver, while other coins will be struck from base metals. Each coin will bear the “S” mint mark of the San Francisco Mint.

This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available from the United States Mint!

History of the Series

The United States Mint released its first Silver Proof Set in 1976. It didn’t release another until 1992 when the set joined the mint’s annual product line. The 1976 set contained a Bicentennial quarter, half-dollar, and dollar coin struck from .400 fine silver. The 1992 edition included a dime, quarter, and half dollar struck from .900 fine silver, a penny, and a nickel struck from base metals. That remained the standard until 2000, when a dollar coin, also struck from base metals, was added. Over the years, the series has sometimes included multiple versions of the same denomination, as with Presidential Dollars and America the Beautiful Quarters. In 2019, the mint began striking the silver coins from .999 fine silver.

Tentative 2021-S Silver Proof Set Designs

The Lincoln Cent, the Jefferson Nickel, the Roosevelt Dime, and the Kennedy Half Dollar should all feature their traditional designs, including portraits of the President for whom the coin is named on the obverse. The two coins of particular note are the final issue in the America the Beautiful (ATB) Series and the Sacagawea Half Dollar. Both have military themes.

The final issue in the ATB Series features the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site. The Tuskegee Airmen were African-American bombardiers, navigators, and pilots trained at Moton Field and two other sites near the Tuskegee Institute. The design shows an airman putting on his helmet as two plans fly low in the background. Inscriptions on the reverse include “TUSKEGEE AIRMEN,” “ALABAMA,” and “THEY FOUGHT TWO WARS.”

The Sacagawea dollar will feature its traditional obverse design in which the famous Native American holds her son, Jean-Baptiste, on her back. The reverse will bear a design that honors the service of Native Americans in the U.S. military.

In 2019 and 2020, the United States Mint included a bonus coin in the annual Proof and Mint set releases. In 2019 the first Lincoln Cents that were both struck at the West Point Mint and bear a “W” mint mark were included with the Proof, Silver Proof, and Mint set releases. The 2020 sets saw the inclusion of the first West Point Mint Jefferson Nickels that bear the “W” mint mark. In both years, such a coin was included with each set, each bearing a different finish. It remains unclear if this tradition will continue in 2021. 

This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available, so check back often to see if any updates have been made! 

When will the 2021-S Silver Proof Set be available?

The 2021-S Silver Proof Set will be available in the Spring of 2021. 

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