2021 South African Gold Krugerrand Brilliant Uncirculated Coins

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2021 South African Gold Krugerrand Brilliant Uncirculated Coins

Every year, many countries around the world issue their own gold bullion coins. Among them, the South African Gold Krugerrand stands apart, partly due to the coin's intriguing history. Beyond that, though, the coin's designs capture the nation's history that issues the series and provides a glimpse at that country's wondrous natural beauty. Each Krugerrand is struck from .9167 fine gold, the same purity as the American Gold Eagle. The lack of a face value adds to the intrigue of these coins.

History of the Series

The South African Gold Krugerrand debuted in 1967 in the middle of South Africa's dark history of apartheid. Initially, the coin was issued in just one size, 1 oz. Starting in the 1970s, some Western countries initiated sanctions against the South African government due to the apartheid policy. This included bans on the importation of the coin. The United States instituted such a policy in 1985. Bans were lifted in the 1990s with the end of the apartheid era. Since 1980, fractional Krugerrands have also been issued, with 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz coins becoming annual issues. 1/20 oz and 1/50 oz pieces have also been struck on occasion. 

2021 South African Gold Krugerrand Designs

The obverse features a left-side portrait of Paul Kruger by Otto Schultz. Kruger, who faces left and has a long, thick beard, was a central figure in the nation's history. He served as President of the South African Republic from 1883-1900. Inscriptions on this face note the issuing country's name in Afrikaans, "SUID-AFRIKA," and English, "SOUTH AFRICA."

On the reverse, a springbok antelope bounds across the South African plains. The coin's date, "2021," is split by the animal, with the first two digits to the left and the last two to the right. The coin's name, "KRUGERRAND," is inscribed along the rim at the top, while an inscription along the rim at the bottom notes the coin's weight in Afrikaans and English.

When will the 2021 South African Gold Krugerrands be available?

The 2021 South African Gold Krugerrands will be available in early 2021.