2021 South African Silver Krugerrand Brilliant Uncirculated Coins

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  1. 2021 South Africa 1-oz Silver Krugerrand BU

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The Silver Krugerrand is the younger counterpart of the Gold Krugerrand. The silver version features the same stunning designs minus the troubled history of the gold coins. For years, Gold Krugerrands could not be imported into Western countries because of apartheid-era sanctions. Gold Krugerrands were, and still can be, cost-prohibitive for some collectors. The silver versions offer the same stunning designs, which provide glimpses into South Africa's history and natural wonders, at a more affordable price. While one of the youngest silver bullion series, the South African Silver Krugerrand's beauty, has helped it forge it place in the hearts and collections of hobbyists worldwide.

History of the Silver Krugerrand Series

South Africa first issued the Gold Krugerrand in 1967. Collectors had to wait for 50 years for the first-ever silver edition. In 2017, the South African Mint released the first-ever Silver Krugerrands. The coins had a premium uncirculated finish. The release proved so popular that bullion Silver Krugerrands were issued for the first time in 2018. Since then, the coin has emerged as a top choice among bullion collectors.

2021 South African Silver Krugerrand Designs

The obverse bears a left-side portrait of Paul Kruger, who served as the South African Republic's President from 1883-1900. Joining him are inscriptions of the issuing country's name in Afrikaans, "SUID-AFRIKA," and English, "SOUTH AFRICA."

A springbok antelope features on the reverse. The graceful creature bounds across the plains with its head turned to the right. The first two digits of the date, "20," are inscribed to the left of the springbok, while the last two numbers, "21," are inscribed to the right. Rim inscriptions provide the name of the coin, "KRUGERRAND," and the coin's weight and purity in Afrikaans and English, "FYNSILWER 1 OZ FINE SILVER R1."

2021 Silver Krugerrand BU2021 Silver Krugerrand BU