2021 South African Silver Krugerrand Proof Coins

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Collectors waited decades for the first-ever Silver Krugerrands, so it is no surprise that the proof became an instant hit when it debuted in 2017, one year before its bullion counterpart. Soon to be in its fifth year of issue, the Proof Silver Krugerrand continues to bring the history and natural beauty of South Africa to collectors around the world. Silver coins are struck from 1 oz of .999 fine silver and tend to have mintages that are well below demand. Proof Silver Krugerrands have 1 Rand face values.

History of the South Krugerrand Coin Series

The Gold Krugerrand has a long and fascinating history that is tied to South Africa's infamous past. For decades, that was the only annual bullion coin released by the South African Mint. For much of that time, the Krugerrand was unavailable in Western nations because of South Africa's policy of apartheid. The South African Mint first issued the coin in 1967, and it wasn't until the 50th anniversary of the gold series that the silver one made its debut. The 2021 Silver Proof Krugerrand will be just the fifth issue in a series that was decades in the making.

2021 South African Silver Krugerrand Proof Designs

The obverse features a left-side portrait of the South African Republic's third President, Paul Kruger. Designed by Otto Schultz, the image shows him wearing a long, thick beard. The issuing country's name is inscribed both in Afrikaans, "SUID-AFRIKA," and English, "SOUTH AFRICA," along the rim.

A springbok antelope bounds across the South African plains on the reverse. Shown from the right, the creature has its head turned to offer the holder a better look at its face and its horns. So closely associated with the country is the animal that South Africa's national sports teams are often called "the Springboks." The date, "2021," is split to either side of the animal, with the first two digits to the left and the last two to the right. The coin's name, "KRUGERRAND," is inscribed along the rim at the top, while the metal content and face value of the coin are included at the bottom. The former is in English and Afrikaans, reading, "FYNSILWER 1 OZ FINE SILVER," while the latter is inscribed as "R1."

When will the 2021 South African Silver Krugerrand Proof Coins be available?

The 2021 South African Silver Krugerrand Proof will be available in early 2021.