Perth Double Dragon

New 2019 Double Dragon High Relief Proofs Now Available

In Chinese mythology, the Dragon reigns supreme. The embodiment of divine power and good fortune, the Dragon was adopted in Ancient China as the symbol of the emperor. Emperors were identified as being sons of Dragons, and those of lower status were not allowed to own any items that depicted the mythical creature.

The Dragon is the ultimate lord of the heavens—but what happens when two of these powerful creatures meet? That’s exactly what Perth Mint looks to find out with the beautiful Double Dragon High Relief Proofs.

Double Dragon call outs

The Battle for Enlightenment Continues

The follow-up to Perth’s popular 2017 Dragon & Phoenix and 2018 Dragon & Tiger releases, the 2019 Double Dragon Proofs depict a pair of Dragons circling the flaming pearl of wisdom and enlightenment—a common goal of Chinese dragons in art and legends. Despite their fierce countenance, a sense of balance emerges as they take up equal parts of the coin’s surface.

99.99% Pure Gold and Silver

Available struck in two Troy ounces of gold and silver, each coin comes minted in 99.99% fineness and is official Australian legal tender. Legal-tender coins offer the benefit of knowing your gold and silver comes with a government guarantee for weight, purity and legal-tender value.

Each coin’s weight, date, fineness and face value are found on the obverse, which displays the official effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Double Eagle Gold and Silver
Double Dragon High Relief

Proof coins are the true showcase of a minter’s art, struck multiple times with specially treated dies and highly polished blanks for levels of detail and shine that far exceed those of standard circulating coinage. You won’t find anything in your pocket change that looks like this! The frosty designs virtually hover off the mirrored fields—an effect heightened by the design of twin dragons soaring through the clouds.

In addition, these Proof coins come struck in high relief condition. High relief coins use specially carved dies and incredible pressure to create deep, concave fields that allow the devices to sit even higher than normal over the fields below. Combined with a Proof finish, high relief coins are the epitome of what a mint can achieve.

Certified First Day of Production and First Day of Issue

Double Dragon Label

What’s better than a coin in high relief proof condition? How about one certified by the mint as well as Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as having been struck on the very first day of production, or secured from the mint on the very first day of release?

Each of these Double Dragons coins is available certified as First Day of Production (FDP) or First Day of Issue (FDI). Only a fraction of each already limited mintage have received these coveted designations.

Extremely Limited Release

Only 1,500 Two-Ounce Silver Double Dragon High Relief Proofs have been authorized for worldwide distribution. A mere 500 Two-Ounce Gold Double Dragon High Relief Proofs have been struck. And as we’ve stated previously, even fewer come certified as FDP and FDI.

There’s no telling how quickly these limited-edition high relief proofs will soar out of our vault. This series has already proven to be popular. Don’t let this opportunity pass by—secure your very own Gold or Silver Double Dragon and order now.

double dragon gold PF70

2019 Two-Ounce Gold Double Dragon High Relief Proof

  • Third Release of Popular Perth Mint Series
  • Two Troy Ounces of Pure Gold
  • Struck in 99.99% Fineness
  • $200 AUS Legal Tender
  • High Relief Strike
  • Proof Condition
  • 500 Minted
  • Just 15 Certified as FDP
  • Only 85 Certified as FDI

2019 Two-Ounce Silver Double Dragon High Relief Proof

  • Third Release of Popular Perth Mint Series
  • Two Troy Ounces of Fine Silver
  • Struck in 99.99% Fineness
  • $2 AUS Legal Tender
  • High Relief Strike
  • Proof Condition
  • 1,500 Minted
  • Just 150 Certified as FDP
  • Only 300 Certified as FDI
double dragon silver PF70

The Dragon is the most powerful, recognized and revered of all Chinese icons. Struck in high relief Proof condition out of two solid ounces of gold or silver, it’s also the next centerpiece of your collection. Hurry and secure yours now.

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