2018 Mythical Dragons

Two Nations, Two Dragons,One Beautiful Design

For centuries, Eastern and Western cultures have told stories of massive, mythical creatures known as dragons. Unfortunately, we may never know which culture was the first to adopt the dragon into its local lore. British kings and queens used it as part of their royal badge for generations, while the Chinese adopted it as a symbol of the emperor’s power, mirroring their myths of mighty luck-bringing dragons that could control the weather.
Perhaps we have received a bit of that luck, as The Royal Mint has solved the problem of East vs West for us by combining both into one beautiful design!
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A First for the Royal Mint

This release marks the first time ever that the Royal Mint has released a British coin featuring a Chinese dragon! Designed by Royal Mint artist Timothy Noad, the 2018 Mythical Dragons Proofs represent the opposing interpretations of the dragon as balancing sides of the Yin and Yang. The top half of the proof presents a traditional Eastern dragon, its scaled body long and snake-like. The bottom half presents the Welsh dragon, looking over its winged shoulders at its Eastern counterpart.

2018 Gold Two Dragons

High Purity, Proof Condition

Struck in a full ounce of 99.99% pure gold, these legal-tender proofs shimmer with mirror-like brilliance below their frosty designs. They display a legal tender values of £100.

Certified by NGC, Sealed with an Exclusive Label

Each Mythical Two Dragons Proof comes certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). A limited number are even available certified as First Day of Issue (FDI).

Each NGC-certified coin will arrive sealed in a protective black-core display holder featuring an exclusive Big Ben label.


U.S. Exclusive, Limited-Edition Release

We are proud to have been named the exclusive U.S. distributor for the 2018 Mythical Dragons Proofs. The mintages for this release is extremely limited, with only 300 One-Ounce Gold Mythical Dragons Proofs struck, fewer made available to the U.S. Market, and an even smaller number available certified by NGC as First Day of Issue.

Don't miss out on the first-ever Royal Mint British coin to feature a Chinese dragon—secure your 2018 Mythical Dragons Proofs today!

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