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Thanks to global trade, the internet, and the large number of Mints throughout the world, collectors have ready access to countless coins. Some modern coins have exceptionally low mintages, though, and some older ones can seem impossible to find even with the help of Google. Those are the categories into which the coins on this page fall and they are only available through our Scarce and Unique Coin Division which offers you a personalized one-on-one experience, access to exclusive products, and exclusive purchasing opportunities. Through our Scarce and Unique Coin Division you can build a relationship with a knowledgeable account executive who caters to your and your collection needs. These coins are not available all the time, even from us, so collectors should frequent this page to see whether their ‘white whales’ ever become available. Give our Scarce and Unique Coin Division a call and see what our “coin concierge” service can offer you. Scroll below to learn more about some of the options you can expect to be offered via this exclusive service.

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Morgan Silver Dollars and the Pittman Act

In 1918, the Pittman Act became law, requiring the US government to buy and melt down Morgan Silver Dollars for the production of new silver dollars and for sales to Great Britain. Some estimates suggest that fewer than 15% of the Morgans ever struck survived the massive melt. Some issues were particularly affected, making them extremely difficult to find today. We sometimes have these rare Morgans, as individual or in sets, on this page.

Zerbe Morgan Silver Dollars

Farran Zerbe was a giant in the numismatic world in the early 20th century. Among other roles, he headed the department in charge of official coins and medals for the Panama Pacific Expositions. Zerbe advocated to produce a Peace Dollar in 1921, but the US Mint was late on releasing it. The Mint then produced Special Strike Morgans specifically for Zerbe to make it up to him. We sometimes offer these rare pieces here.

Additional Hard to Find Coins

The list of coins here is constantly changing. Other popular issues found here include the Morgan Treasury Medal, the Escudo Madrid coin, toned Silver Eagles, and Coca-Cola Bottle Cap coins, which are especially popular with black labels. Sought after designation for certified coins, such as First Day of Production and First Day of Issue are offered are also available. For those interested in low cert numbers, we also offer these from time to time on this page. These coins and more are sometimes available, so be sure to check this page frequently.