Vault Rarities

With a few rare exceptions, coins are readily available when they are first released. Collectors who are looking for particular issues may wait on websites at some for particularly popular pieces, while in most cases coins are available for months after they are first released. Yet while these coins are attractive, it is the scarcer, typically older coins that many collectors love. Whether they were low mintage, survived large scale government melts, or are simply are in better condition than other coins in their issues, these coins are the pieces that many collectors hold dear. At any given time, we have several examples of such pieces available for our customers.

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Lincoln Double Die Cent

In 1983, the United States Mint released a doubled-die reverse Lincoln Cent into circulation. According to American Numismatic Association President Jeff Garrett, it was the most dramatic doubled-die reverse in the entire series. The mint struck roughly 5,000 of these coins before discovering the error and destroying the die. Many of the 5,000 wore down or otherwise simply disappeared without being recognized as errors, meaning that the current population of this coin is well under the original estimated number. Today, the coin is considered among the Top 50 greatest modern US coins.

Olympic Coins with Mercanti Signed Labels

In 1996, Atlanta played host to the Summer Olympics. History’s most famous boxer, Muhammad Ali, lit the Cauldron to kick off the Games, in which the United States dominated the medal table, winning both the most gold medals and the most overall medals. The United States Mint marked the occasion with the issuance of several coins, including two gold pieces. One celebrated the US Flag Bearer, while the other bore the Olympic Stadium. currently offers both of these graded MS69 by PCGS. The labels for both coins were signed by John Mercanti.