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Those of us at GovMint.com are proud to offer our customers many products that are not available anywhere else. In some cases, we are the impetus behind the products themselves. In others, our relationships with foreign Mints enable us to offer products that are not available from other sources to United States customers. Moreover, even if the coins and rounds that we carry are not exclusive, we will often carry exclusive labels on which grading information is relayed, such as our Adolph Weinman and American Eagle Labels. In each case, we give our customers unique ways to enhance their collections with items that aren’t available from anyone else. Scroll below to learn more about our exclusive product offerings and to pick up one (or two) for yourself.

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Robbins Medals

No event in human history has awed the world all at once quite like the Apollo 11 moon landing. In 2019, GovMint.com partnered with Neil Armstrong’s son, Mark, to release Robbins Medals Restrikes. Struck from the same dies as the original Robbins Medals, which were flown into space on the Apollo 11 mission, the medals are layered with a metal alloy that was flown in space on an Apollo mission. This puts a little bit of the US Space Program into the hand of the collector in a way that almost no other item could.

Smithsonian Licensed Products

The Smithsonian is home to countless national treasures, including numismatic ones. The sketchbooks and notebooks of some of the most famous figures in the nation’s rich numismatic history sit idly with designs that never came to fruition, as well as pieces that were tested but never released. GovMint.com is bringing many of these designs to life and offering them to our customers. Our Smithsonian Licensed Products, which are not available anywhere else, give our customers the chance to own pieces with designs that were previously hidden, obscure, or entirely unknown.

Exclusive Labels

While coins and rounds are the highlights of any collection, labels often enhance the collector experience. Many collections have coins from around the world, complete with different themes, different mints, different histories, etc. While the diversity of these collections can be found by close examination of the pieces themselves, labels that celebrate different countries and themes can make the variety even more apparent. We often have labels that are perfectly suited for this. From flags and landmarks that celebrate various mints to breathtaking images that awe and inspire, such as our exclusive labels can enhance any collection.

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