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1/50th ounce gold Krugerrand

As a way of saying “Thank You” for being a loyal customer, we’re offering you the chance to increase the gold in your life with an exclusive opportunity. We aren’t offering just any gold coin for this deal, either. We want only the best for our loyal customers, and so for a limited time, we’re offering a deal that will save you up to $1000 for the 2018 Fiftieth-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Proof—a highly sought-after coin that mixes history, artistry, and affordability as you will soon discover…  

The First Name in Gold
First struck in 1967, the 22 karat gold South African Gold Krugerrand was the first modern gold bullion coin. It set the standard for gold coinage, quickly paving the way for a new age of numismatics and coin collecting. Other nations soon followed suit and minted their own coins, including China, Australia and, in 1986, the USA. Many different gold bullion coins have been struck since, but none hold the same historical weight as the Gold Krugerrand.

Intended as a way for people to own government-guaranteed precious metal, the Krugerrand defied expectations and became the biggest name in gold. No one could have guessed that these gold coins would become some of the most widely collected coins in the world. The Krugerrand became synonymous with wealth and reminded the world of coin collecting’s old moniker “the hobby of kings.”

The Krugerrand prospered. Millions were struck. The world of numismatics was changed. But unknown to many gold buyers, there was a secret collectors coveted. One that was hidden in plain sight...

Gold Krugerrand

The Finest Krugerrands In the World

Struck alongside the standard Gold Krugerrand is a special Proof version of the coin. Containing the same purity and legal-tender value, these coins are created using highly polished blanks, specially treated dies and multiple strikes under immense pressure. The result is a blazing, mirror-like luster that standard bullion Krugerrands could not hope to match. This immaculate quality, in comparison to their bullion siblings, made the Proofs stand out to collectors around the world. However, all of the time, attention, and detail put into these elite coins also means that Proof Krugerrands are struck in far fewer numbers, making them many times scarcer than their standard bullion counterparts.

Just how scarce are the Gold Krugerrand Proofs? Well, if you counted every ounce of Gold Krugerrand struck from 1967 until 2016, you’d have more than 50 MILLION ounces of gold bullion Krugerrands. In that same time, Proof Krugerrands made contain less than 471,000 ounces—making those Proof Krugerrands more than 105 times rarer than the Gold Krugerrand bullion coin.

These Proof coins were a collector’s open secret for 50 years…and then another member of the Krugerrand family was born. The newest coin to bear to the illustrious Krugerrand name shook the numismatic world.

The Most Affordable Gold Krugerrand Ever

In 2017, the South African Gold Krugerrand celebrated its 50th anniversary. It was a monumental event that included the release of the most affordable Gold Krugerrand ever struck: the Fiftieth-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Proof.

Struck in the same 22 karat gold that made the first Gold Krugerrands so famous 50 years earlier, this brand-new denomination still featured the iconic Springbok antelope and former president of South Africa, Paul Kruger designs. It marked a new chapter for the gold buying world—there had never before been a Fiftieth-Ounce Gold Krugerrand of any kind, and this was more than just the average bullion coin. This was a Proof Gold Krugerrand, an elite variety struck just for collectors with a luxurious level of brilliance and detail not found on standard bullion Krugerrands. 

Never before had the South African Mint struck such an affordable Gold Krugerrand—and an immaculate Proof Krugerrand to boot! This one coin allowed the distinguished history of the Gold Krugerrand to meet the incredible quality and scarcity of a Proof finish at a new, low price. The Fiftieth-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Proof was truly everything a collector could ask for, all in one shining piece of 22 karat gold.

So naturally, the mint completely sold out.

Paul Kruger

A Second Chance

As you might expect, this special 50th anniversary, Fiftieth-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Proof quickly and completely sold out at the mint, leaving many collectors lamenting their inability to secure one of these prized coins in time. But then, some incredible news spread through the coin world like wildfire—the Fiftieth-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Proof would return for 2018!

This news that the Fiftieth-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Proof would return incited excitement and celebration as well as a swift action. This wasn’t just an elite Gold Krugerrand Proof on the way—this was a second-year-issue of a new Gold Krugerrand denomination. Buyers who missed their first chance scrambled to add them to their vaults and collections and the 2018 sold out just like the first year issue.

We secured as many of these special proof gold coins as we could for our loyal customers, and now because of this special offer, these elite Gold Krugerrand Proofs can be yours. And here’s the best part...

Special Loyalty BOGO

Normally these 2018 Fiftieth-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Proof coins would be very difficult to get your hands on. The demand is so high that we are limiting this deal to only 10 Fiftieth-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Proofs per household. But don’t worry—with this special offer, we’ll DOUBLE that amount without asking for so much as an extra cent.

You read that right—each purchase of a Fiftieth-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Proof qualifies for a FREE additional Fiftieth-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Proof. That’s a $99.95 value completely FREE! Whether you buy one, two or ten, it’s up to you.

When you take advantage of the 10 coin limit, you will receive an additional 10 coins, completely on us. That’s nearly $1,000 in Proof condition, 22 karat gold at no extra cost! If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on pure, government-guaranteed gold, or if you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of numismatic history, this special deal is the perfect opportunity to make that dream come true. Plus, order now and you’ll even receive FREE Domestic Shipping!

  • One Fiftieth-Ounce of Pure Gold
  • 91.7% (22 Karat) Purity
  • Official Legal Tender
  • Classic Krugerrand Springbok Design
  • Struck by the South African Mint
  • Up to 10 Coins FREE 
  • FREE Shipping
Free Silver Krugerrand
Free Silver Krugerrand

Limited Time Special Ends 8/31/19 @ 5 pm CT

To ensure you receive this incredible offer, call
1-888-870-8524. Don’t miss out!

*Plus applicable tax in MN & FL

One (1) free 1/50th oz. Gold Krugerrand with the purchase of a 1/50th oz. Gold Krugerrand at full price. Returns on 1/50th oz. Gold Krugerrand will not be accepted without return of each corresponding free coin, and no credit or return will be consummated without each corresponding free coin. No returns accepted after 30 days from purchase, without exception.  All other terms of purchase apply. Free shipping offer valid for domestic standard delivery orders only. Not valid on previous orders. This promotion is reserved for existing customers only. It is non-transferable and only valid for the customer shown. Limit 10 Proofs per household.