Game Of Thrones House Stark 4pc Set

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Let the Game Begin!

A Game of Thrones has begun, and it’s time to pick a side. Will you stand with House Stark, the noble line of Kings of the North? Struck in brass and copper, this four-piece set features designs inspired by the history of House Stark, including:

  • An Eddard Stark Half-Groat displaying a profile of "Ned" uncrowned
  • A Half-Penny of Rickard Stark, the father of Eddard Stark
  • A Torrhen Stark Penny from the reign of The King Who Knealt, and
  • A Robb Stark Half-Dragon, featuring the son of Eddard with his direwolf Grey Wind

Struck by the Shire Post Mint using antique machinery, this George R.R. Martin officially licensed set is destined for the collections of A Game of Thrones fans everywhere. Winter is coming . . . so order yours now before you get caught in the cold!

Composition Brass, Copper
Purity Mixed
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