Game Of Thrones House Targaryen 4pc Set

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Let the Game Begin!

A Game of Thrones has begun, and it’s time to pick a side. Will you stand with House Targaryen, legendary conquerors and dragon riders descended from the dynasties of Old Valyria? Struck in brass and copper, this four-piece set features designs inspired by the history of House Targaryen, including:

  • A Daenerys Targaryen Mark of Meereen featuring the queen along with her three dragons -- Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion
  • A Golden Dragon from the peaceful reign of the Old King Jaehaerys I Targaryen
  • An Aegon I Targaryen Penny displaying the first king on The Iron Throne, and
  • A Half-Penny of Aegon V "Egg" Targaryen

Struck by the Shire Post Mint using antique machinery, this George R.R. Martin officially licensed set is destined for the collections of A Game of Thrones fans everywhere. Winter is coming . . . so order yours now before you get caught in the cold!

Composition Brass, Copper
Purity Mixed
Denomination Varies
Coin Weight Various
Dimensions Various
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