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Gold has a very special place in human history. It is one of the most remarkable metals on earth. Gold is rare, valuable, highly useful, almost indestructible, and very beautiful. Man's long-lived love affair with GOLD begins with the very dawn of recorded civilization. It has been treasured since ancient times and was the first metal used by humans, with simple gold ornaments among the earliest known metal objects. Gold has offered protection, security, and peace of mind throughout the history of the world. The very first gold coins date back over 2,700 years ago and are some of rarest ancient money. Today, it’s easy and affordable to buy gold, from gold bullion to different denominations of gold dollar coins, from classic U.S. gold coins to modern gold coins from the United States Mint and other mints around the world. Browse our assortment of popular gold products to enhance your collection today!

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Collecting Popular Gold Rounds and Bullion

Collectors who are assembling a gold collection or building sets of gold from around the world have a wide variety of choices from vintage rare coins to modern gold coinage. Some popular gold products include the American Gold Eagle, and American Gold Buffalo issued by the United States Mint. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, South African Gold Krugerrand, Chinese Gold Panda, British Gold Britannia, Austrian Gold Philharmonic, and Australian Gold Kangaroo, just to name a few. There are also many popular gold products available featuring many different themes and designs. Gold Coins from the United States Mint are often very popular with collectors for their expert quality and backing by the United States government. There’s rarely a shortage of gold coins that are available to investors and collectors, in a variety of themes and sizes, and affordable for any budget. Our inventory is “Good as Gold.”

Worth its Weight in Gold

Throughout the centuries, gold has held a fascination that comes from its beauty and weight. Anyone who has held a gold coin can feel its power and weight. Gold is one of the heaviest metals, and the weight and density often is shocking to those who first hold it. One cubic foot of gold weighs 1,206 pounds, more than a half a ton, which is probably the reason why no large theft of gold bullion has ever occurred.

Gold as the Leading Precious Metal

According to the World Gold Council, best estimates of how much gold there is in the world, suggests around 185,000 metric tons of gold has been mined throughout history, with at least two-thirds having been mined since 1950, which today is sitting in bank vaults, government reserves and personal collections. That sounds like an awful lot until you realize that just one cubic meter, which is a little over 35 cubic feet, weighs approx. 25.25 U.S. Tons. If all the mined gold in the world was poured into a square cube, it would only measure about 70 feet per side. It would take a little over three Olympic swimming pools to hold all the gold ever mined in the world and that more steel is poured in an hour globally, than all the gold ever minted in the world. All minted gold is still around in one form or another, because it is virtually indestructible.

Add Popular Gold Coins to Your Collection Today!

Gold is more coveted than any other precious metal and has been a standard measurement of wealth for centuries. Due to the weight and purity of gold bullion coins being backed by a central bank and sovereign mints, and minted annually to meet demand, they have become popular choices for owning gold amongst collectors. Bullion bars and rounds are a compact way to own larger amounts of gold, available from most leading mints around the world.

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