Japanese WWII “Philippines Invasion” 5 Piece Currency Notes Set

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Japanese Invasion Currency Set


When the Japanese invaded the Philippines in the earliest day of World War II, they wanted to make sure that their control remained absolute. One way they attempted to do this was by issuing new currency. Though these notes feature local denominations such as the One, Five, Ten and 100 Peso or 50 Centavos, they also display the words “The Japanese Government,” so anyone making transactions of the day knew who was truly in control. Not replicas, these five notes are authentic WWII artifacts. Most were destroyed after the war!


  • AUTHENTIC WWII ARTIFACTS – Each note in this Japanese WWII “Philippines Invasion” Five-Piece Set is an authentic piece of World War II history. They represent a dark time during the war when Japanese Imperial forces swarmed across the islands of the Pacific Theater and attempted to assert their control by issuing their own currency.


  • LEGAL TENDER – NOT LEGAL TENDER – Your Japanese WWII “Philippines Invasion” Five-Piece Set includes 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 Peso notes that were legal tender in the Philippines for only a short time. They fueled the local economy until U.S. forces re-took the islands in 1944 and removed them from circulation.


  • NICE LIGHTLY CIRCULATED CONDITION – The notes in your Japanese WWII “Philippines Invasion” Five-Piece Set are all in Lightly Circulated condition with all of the original detail on their fronts and backs still visible.


  • SCARCE AND HARD-TO-FIND NOTE – Most of these notes were destroyed once the Japanese forces were expelled from the Philippines and new currency was issued. After more than 70 years, these notes can be very difficult to find.


The Japanese WWII “Philippines Invasion” Five-Piece Set of rare Pacific Theater currency notes are awesome artifacts from the Second World War. Add a set to your collection today!

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